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Why do some people like shock value so much even though it can be so immoral?

Why do some people love evil characters in movies that rape and kill? Why do they become fans of real serial killers? Does it mean that these people are insensitive or worse yet that they would do it themselves?


In responce to zazib: yeah but most people aren't bullies. That tends to be people with bad self-esteems. And usually young boys like those violent video games not most people. So does appreciating shock value mean you are immature with a bad self-esteem? I think it's something else.

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    because the majority of people let frustration pent up in them and they like to see someone else be in a bad situation for once, even though they know its fake. its the same principle as violent videogames.

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    Sometimes it is immaturity. Teenage boys tend to like it. Some people find some excitement in that. I don't think it's bad to watch the movies, but glorifying evil characters who rape and kill is weird.

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    I believe we all contain the seeds of evil. We envelope the spectrum of potential for both light and shadow. Though most of us are constrained by convention we sometimes enjoy a vicarious thrill of the imagination to witness our own potential in action. However repulsive - we identify in a way that is SAFE.

    What do you think?

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