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Which one is better for developing the quads? Squat or Leg Extention?

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    Depends what shape your quads are in now, if they are in need of a little size then opt for the barbell squat cause its a compound exercise that involves all the leg muscles as well as core strength etc. but if its cut you looking for, then i's say the extensions. do a stack and strip - how it works is you do a set of 15 with enough weight to feel the burn, then drop down to 12 add more weight, down to 10, then 8 etc till 4 each time adding more - then no stopping, stip off the weights, do 4 take off some, do 6, then 8 till you back up at 15 and light! remember that body fat also has to be low in order to see the muscles you have worked hard on. good luck!

    Source(s): personal trainer
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