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How can I get Quicktime to stop showing the white screen so that you can watch the movie?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The only reason it would show a white screen when you open a movie file is if there's a codec missing.

    For video to play on any system you must have the proper codec to decode the particular format you want to play. There are hundreds of codecs out there and usually the ones you get off P2P networks are encoded with DivX or Xvid. If you're on a Mac you can get a great bundle of common codecs called Perian that will let you play almost any video in QuickTime. You can also get a 3rd party app for Windows, Linux, or Mac called VLC that has the ability to pay even more types of video than you can probably imagine.

    If the video you get is in Windows Media format then you should get the free plug-in for the Mac that lets you play those (Flip4Mac)

    Hope that helps.

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