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If your myspace profile is set to private, are your profile views from people on your list or from anyone?

Like if someone clicks on your picture and goes to my page even if they're not my friend, does that count as a profile view??

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    Are you meaning when you can click on browse and look people up? If so then your picyure would not be there because your profile is set to private.

    If you do have friends and on their page you picture is there on it and there page isn't set to private and they look at their profile then they can click on your photo and go to your profile and that would be counted as a view.

    When a profile is set to private and if somehow anyone did view it all they would see is your picture but not your whole profile or where you are located. It will say " This person has their profile set to private and can only be viewed by allowed persons"

    I would say everytime someone does click on your profile it will count as a view.

    You can delete how many people has viewed your page by going & loggin ginto your myspace then go to account settings & click on reset views. It will clear the profile views that you have on there right now.

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  • Jules
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    1 decade ago

    I know what ur talking about, total views...when ever someone clicks on ur picture, it automatically takes u to there space but, only "friends " are able to see ur whole profile if it is set to private non friends only see ur pic and contact box. So, in answer to ur question, does a "non" friend qualify as a hit and added to the number of profile views. All it says, when u go into ur change acct. setting, is that u urself don't count as a profile view, which says to me tht other then u, who ever else clicks ur pic is addedcuz it still takes u to ur profile and can see ur pic and parcial pg if set as private.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No it doesnt. They have to be your friend to view your profile.

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  • 4 years ago

    you won't be able to view inner maximum pages till you're on the guy's you have already reported. there's a privateness decision for a reason. till you have the guy's password, you're out of luck.

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