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Full time drama courses for 16/17 year olds?

It seems that all I can find are highschools and universities, and I'm looking for something that's perhaps 1 or 2 years long and is full time, that isn't just an acting class, but isn't a university, in the united states.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Call the community theatre in your city and ask them for suggestions.

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    1 decade ago

    Just a little story, not sure how to tell it, but several years ago after being kind of homeless and such and down on our luck me and my oldest son who just turned 30 this year came into a little money. To some it would have just been nothing, but anyway if you are really poor to you it might be something. To us it was something it meant we could buy a home, our first real home that was ours. After looking all over to find something we could afford we weren't having much luck and the last place I wanted to look was a place my son said that he didn't want to go, when we got their we found our home. At least fifteen years later my son doesn't want to leave that place it is his home now. Which brings me to the point of this question, this year my twelve year old son didn't want to take drama because it was a girly thing he said. He got in it out of a stroke of magic any ways and he loves it. Now he wants to be an actor, so my question would be how do we help him do that? I don't know if this answers the question or not, but thought it was relevant to answering this or maybe just wanted to share. Merry Christmas and may you find what you are looking for and this is my gift to you.

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