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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 1 decade ago

Morrowind:Es3 Questions Please Help!?

1. I have all magic skills and long blade for my character, bad idea?

2. How do I enchant my stuff?

3. Can I summon anything better than ancsestral ghost?

4. I get my *** kicked by human characters all the time, what to do?

5. I'm not enjoying the boons the description for alchemy describes, what to do?

6. By training in the wild, my journal between quests is a huge gap between time(day 1, did something;day 30 did something), do I just have to live with that?

7. Does this game have time limits, penalties for not doing quests for a time?

8. Are going up to merchants the only way to get new spells?

9. Do mushrooms replenish in quantity?


10. I can't find all the mushrooms for the mage's guild quest, how can I find them?

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    You have a lot of questions, a lot of which I wouldn't have enough room to explain. I will give you this link which is for a game faq on this game, which should explain a lot of the information you seek.

    I will answer your question about number 6. You will have to live with the gap, though the main quest should still be active. The main quest is the one you need to complete the game. And number 7: Most of the quests that you do are not timed based and you can come back to them and do them when you want to.

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