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How can i hydrate my skin?

My skin is very dry all the time and it is a pain to put make-up on because it looks plastered when it's not, how can i keep it hydrated without using a lot of money?

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    The best way to hydrate your skin is from the inside out. Drinking lots of water will help plump up your skin, and it certaintly won't hurt anything else. Also, directly after bathing or washing your face, pat it dry and apply a moisturizer immediately! I do this all over my body after each shower. Hot water and soap wash away your natural body oils. I also use vasiline on my feet (then wear socks to bed) cuticles, and elbows. It really helps. Be sure you're getting some fat in your diet; not trans/animal fat, but 'good' fat like from avocados or nuts and fish. These will also help you have nice skin as will Vit. E supplement. If your home is dry from using heat, use a humidifier at night. Godloveya and thanks for asking a great question that will help others!

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    Drink more water, it really does help your skin- when you read any beauty magasine all the girls with lovely skin always say they drink lots of water.

    Then, clean your skin gently, do not use soap and water on your face, use a mild face wash. Soap dries out your skin by removing all the natural oils.

    Use a mild exfoliant to get rid of dead skin cells OR use a cloth to clean your face. Use a loofah or puff on your body.

    Then use a cheap moisturiser twice a day, after cleaning, morning and night.

    You should see a difference in about 2 weeks.

    (ps. Lots of water means at least 2 litres / 4 pints a day)

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    Neutrogena make a wonderful line of products for this problem. I think the light sesame oil is the best after a hot shower. check out their website

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    Just get some lotion from wal mart or the dollar store.(or whatever drug store you have close)

    Cheap lotions work just as good as fancy ones. I use lotion that cost ONE DOLLAR and it works just as good as the 22 dollar lotion! Weird, huh! lol

    Use something with Vitamin E, or Aloe, or Cocoa Butter. Good Luck.

    Merry Christmas

    P.S. You could also use kitchen oil on your body/face(such as olive oil, vegetable oil, etc. Or you could use baby oil on your body/face. They are all very good moistureizers!

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    you need to drink lots of liquids, not soda, try green tea, water (8glasses per days) and freshly squeeezed fruits and vegies. Merry Xmas

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    Bathe often.

    I think make-up isn't very healthy; it might be a contributing factor to the dry-ness.

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    Pure African Shea butter.

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