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too much hair?

i have a friend who has too much hair on her face and belly.can anyone suggest how to lose them.and yeah,one more thing,she also has problems with pimples on her,the pimples left scars(i i dont know if tis is the right word) on her there anything she could do to make the scars, pimples and hair(hair on her face) gone?any tips,anyone?

thanks. ;]]

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    there are formula specially for fading acne scars at the drug store.

    there are lotions that have hair minimizing chemicals.. some are prescription some at the drug store.. .. but the question is... does your friend want this help? if she is not bothered by it then butt out.... leave her alone...

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    Here in America we have this stuff called NAIR. It works really good for removing hair from any part of the body. We buy it over the counter, it doesn't cost much and it is in lotion form.

    Go to any search engine on the internet and look up Hair Removing Lotion/Cream, or Depilitory Creams and see what you find.

    Good Luck and Merry Christmas

    P.S. As for the pimple, use a product called Proactive.

    For getting rid of scars try mederma

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    she could get electrolysis, it's permanant but that costs a fair bit, or she could just wax it off. I think after a long time scars do fade

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