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when someone enlists in the army and get deployed, how would the army decide what part of Iraq to send him?

especially if he's/she's an MOS, like an Arabic translator?

I know I've been asking a lot of questions about the military, please don't get bothered by them :)

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    It depends on what his or her training is and where they need them.

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    Dear Biscuit,

    Jerofjung answered this question the best when he said, „Where they will be most effective.” If your friend is an Arabic Translator there are lots of places she can be deployed. The Army doesn’t only need Arabic translators in Iraq but also in places like the Sinai with the MFO (Multinational Force of Observers) and there are some small friendship missions in North Africa. Plus it is no secret that lots of translators are needed in the Pentagon. As to where she would go depends on her level of training, security clearance, and how many are needed in a certain area plus how many translators in her MOS (Military Occupational Specialty).

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    Theres no real way to tell where you will get sent. It mostly depends on what type of company you get sent with. If you are with an MP company, then you'll probably get sent to a place trying to train the Iraqi police, and most likely act as a translator for the instructors or for someone needing to ask questions to a civilian about events(like activity in the city, etc.). Translators are very important because of their ability to act as an intermediary btween the coalition forces and the arabic speaking people. Then again, keep in mind that they also hire interpreters over there so you might not be sent to the worst place and might just stay on the FOB (foward operations base) and act as an interpreter for any important people that might come. Hope this helps!

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    You need to find a vet and buy lunch and talk to them. I have been out for 20 year and can tell you the army does not care about you. They will sent you in to a hostle area and not give you weapon because they do not want to creat an incident.

    As long as you understand this you will be OK. They will send you where feel they need you and do not care if you are unhappy.

    Then they will offer to deploy you some place else if you re-enlist.

    If you are a traslator go work the governmet. I work in a hospital we use traslator all the time.

    If the recruit promised you citizenship if you join he was lieing to you. The military is no place for you if you all ready have marketable skills.

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    The Army will deploy them where they will be most effective. In your friend's case probably dealing with public since she can translate.

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    The thing to remember is that the military sends you where they think you will be of most use to them..

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    you will most likely be deployed to whatever unit needs you, they wont send your entire division over there because they need a few translators.

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