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any one ever lose a pet?

have any of you ever lost a pet? what kind of pet and how did you feel? how did you loose it? i lost my german shepherd 2 years ago, and honestly he was everything to me.....he was my best friend, i had him since i was 3 and now i'm 21....i still cry thinking about him.... i was just curious to know how many people share my pain/ experience!

Update: lose i mean pass away....

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    "It's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all".

    I have lost my childhood companion, whom I called my brother, a miniature French poodle named Charlie. I got him on Halloween when I was 3 and we called him Pumpkin for a couple of weeks, because he was kind of that color.

    I used to pray real hard when I was a kid that God wouldn't let him die until I had moved away from home, and, when I moved out at 20 1/2 years old, he died exactly 2 weeks later!

    He was a great dog, as poodles go. He let me dress him up and he had one of our friends fooled into thinking he would count for M & M's. (Just gave it to him when he got to the number we asked him to count to...)

    The whole family participated in his "funeral". Dad dug a hole in the back yard and acted as pallbearer. We all tearily proclaimed what a huge impact he'd had on our lives. It was an extremely sad affair. I still remember it like it was yesterday, and it happened 16 years ago. I still talk to him on the anniversary of his death & tell him I miss him, though.

    I'm sorry to hear that you've sufffered similarly. Hope you have a mrry Xmas and a bright and happy new year!

    Source(s): Lost 3 beloved kitties, too; Baron, Charmin, and Ricotta. Baron was poisoned by the neighbor @ had to be put to sleep in my arms. My daughter still cries over him. The other 2 were eaten by coyotes. I missed Charmin desperately when she was first gone, & finally gave up hoping that she'd ever come home & resigned myself that that WAS her I'd heard scream on the night she disappeared. We've also had pet rats that I got really attached to. I don't recommend that you have a rat as your only pet, because they are so smart, they're easy to get attached to, & they don't live very long...
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    I lost my rottyxlab three years ago, she had heart failure. I had her from when she was born, her mother was my first dog. Her mother died of a brain tumour brought on by epilepsy, she was only 2 years old.So you can understand my heartbreak when Mystee started to have fits at 10months old. Luckily I was able to treat it with anti convulsive drugs, costing me about $100 per month, not to mention the times she had to be hospitalised in the vet when she built up a resistance to the drugs! I loved that dog however, and would've done anything for her. She was so gentle, so beautiful, so in tune with my feelings, if I was crying she would put her big fat head on my lap and gently lick the tears from my face. She wasn't ever a boisterous dog the medication put a stop to that, but she was always a good dog. Never hurt a soul. She stayed with me for 7 years and when she didnt wake up one morning, I was devastated. It was like my heart had been ripped out. She died in her sleep so that was better I suppose, but I'll never forget her. My vet told me that she had a longer than expected life given the severity of her condition, but that didnt help to take the pain of the loss away. I still cry now. It took me two years to even contemplate getting another dog, but I got a great daneX pup from the pound last year, and she has done wonders for me. She is not Miss, and never will be but she is a gorgeous girl, and once I lowered the shell around my heart and accepted her, I haven't regretted a thing. So to answer your question yes there are people that share your pain and understand it, and my advice as hard as it maybe, think about getting another dog, maybe not the same breed, but do go and choose a dog. Don't rush it, I was actively looking for three months b4 I got Ephiny, and try to get a dog from an animal shelter, there are so many dogs out there that are just waiting for someone like you to rescue them and give them the love and attention they probably never have had. Oh, and depending on your circumstances, if you are at work most of the day maybe get them a friend, we are going to get Ephiny a friend in the new year because she does get lonely. All the best!

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    Hi, Noir! By "lose a pet," do you mean had a pet die, or actually had a pet vanish? Either way it's awful, but it's different kinds of awful, you know? I've never had a pet vanish, thank heavens, but my neighbors did (someone opened their gate, and their dog got out), and it was awful--they put up signs, and heard from someone who'd had the dog on her porch for a night, but never found her. We very much hope that someone took the dog in and kept it, but not knowing is haunting.

    However, I *have* had pets die. It's been a year and a half since I had to have my beloved cat, Simone, put down. I'd had her since I was in college, and she was with me through a bad engagement, through moves, through success with my writing. She was 19, and suffering from kidney and heart problems, and would just lie staring at the wall, so I knew it was time. I brought a mobile vet into the house, to spare her the stress of going out, and it went as smoothly as it could. But even after a year and a half, I can tear up if I think about it for too long, so I can only imagine how awful it must be for you to have lost the German Shepherd who was with you your whole life.

    I put up pictures of her, which somehow helped. And this website may be useful for you:


    Source(s): Experience
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    Oh lost as in passed away? first kitty, who was a birthday present when I was a kid and we saved from a shelter, ended up being really sick and she eventually died...I was extremely sad. But I've moved a Lot in my life and a lot of the places didn't allow pets, so usually we gave them away. I still remember when we had to give away our favorite, most amazing cat cuz we had to go to an apartment..we cried for sooo long. So I guess crying was how I dealt with it when I was a kid. I have two dogs now and have had them for a while now..I don't know what I would do if I lost them. Just don't try to replace will never be the same..

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    Yes I've shared that pain. I had to put the "love of my life" to sleep last January. I had thought when the time came it would put me "out" for weeks but I handled it pretty well. What helped was a couple of things, first...after years of being there for me no matter what and being my best friend through it all I knew when the time came I had to recognize it and not letting her suffer a single day even was the one selfless thing I could do for her. Second was even though it doesn't help the pain it gave me a way to accept it someone once said that the reason God decided to give dogs short life spans was because the human heart was not strong enough to endure the loss of a pet if they lived as long as we do

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    Awwww, you can tell that you really loved your furry best friend. Ya know, it really sucks that most pets don't live as long as we do. It sounds like he was more of a friend than any human could be.

    I'm really sorry for your loss. It sucks.

    I have a 'doggie old folks home' and I was raised this way too. We just always have had our furry and feathered babies untill they passed on or had to be let go.

    And the reason that we have so many oldies now is because people get tired of their 'pets' and ..nobody wants an old dog. They have all kinds of different problems and really need lots of love, attention, understanding and sometimes medical.

    So I have been with many, many animals and my best friends and my dearest babies when they've died.

    ....crap, now I'm tearing up....


    Ok, there is a site that is just awesome for a tribute to your 'other half'..

    It's called..


    You really really have to go and check it out. I have all of the furry kids that have died in the past 5 yrs. there writing and heart.

    You can write a tribute to him and pick some music and have a picture of him too..It is all very tastefull and it is FREE..but they do take donations if you wish.

    Please, just go to this site and check it out. I know I would be lost without it.

    I go there every couple of months or so and 'visit' with my babies. ...and usually ball my head off ...and then I feel so much better for going.. It is definately worth it. you won't be disapointed.

    Please, take care of yourself..

    Your fur-friend was very lucky and blessed to have a 'bald' buddy like you. ~wink, wink~

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    I'm 44 and I love animals so I had and sadly, lost a lot of them. The most recent was my son's cat Bear. He died suddenly a few weeks ago. The only thing that makes it easier is knowing that he lived to be 15, so he had a very nice, full life. He was loved and well cared for. It takes a long time to get over the grief, I still think I see him and hear him sometimes. It will get easier, someday your memories of the good times will overshadow the pain of losing him.

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    I am 12 yrs old, and i lost my German Wirehaired pointer named Bailey 2 years ago. I had her since i can remember. She was one of my best friends. I lost her because she ran up to the main road, and got run over. It was at night, and in the middle of winter. She was an amazing dog. When she would come into a room, she would always come and sit next to me until ai gave her a hug. I can't think of her without crying. She was my little girl....

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    My Jessie was a German Shepard/Malamute mix. Super smart, full of affection, playful always, ran like the wind. I got her at 5 weeks old out of a free puppy box at a corner grocery store. I had her 10 years. I was 17 when I got her. Im 45 now, and Ive been searching for another shepard/malamute mix since I lost Jessie. I have Jessies pictures on the wall. No other dog has been like her and Ive had several. She was, without sounding to strange, at times, My best friend, My confidant always, My partner at play outside, My guard, My ice breaker to meet new people, and always, one half of My heart. If theres a heaven, I only pray shes the one who greets Me first when I go. I was the one so richly rewarded by having Jessie in My life. Do I miss her... everyday... deeply & always.

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    We had to put Sparky down. I had him since I was 5 years old. I loved that dog. He passed when I was 20 years old. I know it was for the better. He was deaf and going blind. He would get lost in the front yard. I didn't get another dog until 3 months ago. I think it took me that long to get over it. If you can say I am over it. I am dreading the day when my cat and now puppy have to go. Sorry for your loss.

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