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Become a better catcher?

What sort of practice do I need to be a catcher. My biggest problem would be throwing. How do I improve that? Any other catcher drill would be appreciated.

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    I played catcher in high school, and it is the single hardest position to play besides pitching. Your knees take a lot of punishment as well as the fact you have to be the captain on the field, you position your other teammates and give signs when a play is on. But as far as drills to do, i liked to practice throwing the ball 1000's of times. When you crotch you should never be resting on your legs, you must be on your toes at all times, so when a runner takes off you can gun him out. Calling a good game is the most important thing you can do. most of the time you will only throw out 30% of the runners so don't get up-set. Also have someone throw balls in the dirt at you, so you can learn to block, remember to block with your whole body and not just your glove or cheat guard, always get in front of the ball.

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    I think the most important thing about throwing from a catchers positions is footwork and mechanics. Its all about how fast from the time the ball hits your glove to when you release the ball. You need to get out of your crouch the ball out of your mitt in less than .6 of a second.... while maintaining your balance and footwork. It does you no good to be able to throw hard and not be accurate.

    Also pop ups to the catcher are very difficult. Need to practice doing hook slides into fences. Practice popping up from your crouch locating the ball throwing your mask away from where you are going to make the play turning your body into the in field (the ball tends to curve back into the field of play).

    As a catcher you are the General on the field. You have to be aware of situations on the field at all times. You are the one that needs to bark orders to the team to let them know where to set up for plays. The other 8 guys generally have their backs to the runners so they don't see whats developing. Be assertive.

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    i know i need the same thin get a tennis ball and sqout in a athchers position and then act as if some one is trying to steal so u are about to throw do it in slow motion and have some one watch u then have them correct ur mistakes.

    many mistakes are:

    throwing side arm

    not having control of the ball

    getting into postion to slowly or having ur feet crooked

    also paratice using ur waist when u turn and throw it will make u more acurate, then get a hit away it actually help good luck on the season hope u become the starting catcher

    Source(s): my coach and my practices
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    I have two brothers and we all played catcher. We used to get in our crouch and one of us would get about twenty feet away and trhow tennis ball in the dirt and the one in the crouch would try to block them and keep the in front of them. The most important thing when throwing is footwork. You have to have a solid foundation and be quick when gettin rid of the ball. My suggestion is doing a lot of weight training for you legs and always be aware of the things that are going on around you every single pitch. As for blocking pitches in the dirt, slide to the spot with your knees and don't try to catch the ball, squere your body and keep it in front of you. Good luck and good that you want to become a better catcher.

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    As I was taught, catch the ball with your eyes. Have your hands in a triangular formation and watch the ball come right into your hands. Don't take your eyes off the ball , don't even look for other players. Just focus like its just you and a friend throwing the ball. Concentrate only on the ball.

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    Do a lot of long toss ( throwing long distances) lift some weights focusing on ure wrists.

    Drills: Put on ure gear and practice stopping balls in the dirt w/ ure body rather than ure glove

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