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Why did yahoo....?

send me a violation notice because I asked a question about living in a rural area, and the practice of selling christmas trees?


Heres my exact question:Question:

Would this work where you live.....?

Question Details: I live in southern West Virginia, ( no WV jokes please...I've heard them, ANYWAY each year we go to a Christmas tree farm thats about 10 miles from us, the owners, who are home sometimes, and sometimes not..have left a .......price list....a saw, ....and a locked box ...for the tree money, all on the front of their barn....we cut down our choice of tree, use the saw, and leave the money in the locked box..... could this happen where you live?...I love this rural area, and its trusting people. Oh and by the way, price of the trees are 15 dollars for long needle, 20 for short....any height...., our tree this year is 7 foot. (short needle)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Would help if you actually posted the exact question, and the reason for deletion, otherwise we can't help.

    NB: Despite other answers already posted mentioning offense, posts do not have to be offensive to be deleted, they simply have to break site rules.


    Now I've seen it I can see no reason for deletion.

    Go to the FORUM, link top right, and post full details in the Wrongful Violations & Suspensions sticky thread, you may get your points back that way.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Somebody got offended i guess.

    It happened to me last week over a stupid question that was in no way offencive.

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  • 1 decade ago

    they did it to me too - i am soo angry!!!! and all i asked was "what colour you think jesus is and why? wasn't a racist question - just me educating myself!

    aggghhhh yahoo sux

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