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How Do I erase everything Off My Cmputer??

Ok, so here is what happened. After trying to install SP2 and restarting my computer I got the blue screen of death and this is what it said "Stop:coooo135 {unable to locate component}

"This application has failed to start because winsrv was not found, reinstalling this application may fix this problem"

And every since I got that I cant go to my account, the computer just keeps starting over and over againg giving me the same message and already tried doing what microsoft says about the restore thing and it dont work and I dont have the restore cd. So i want to this is erase everything off it and start over again since Im getting XP again. How do I do that?? Or do you know how I ight solve that winsrv problem???


Ok, I dont think you people understand me correctly, I CANT EVEN GO TO MY ACCOUNT!!!! It just keeps restating over and over when it comes up to the Blue screen of death!!!

Update 2:

What I want to do is erase everything off my hard drive without going to my account because I cant even get there. Can I earse it by going to F8 and then going somewhere around there??

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    thats a problem. i had that problem before, and i had to take it to the shop

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    Your computer is probably dying. If you take it to a repair place they may, that is if your very lucky, be able to fix it. And, even if they can it will cost as much as a new computer.

    It is probably the hard drive. If you are going to try to wipe it from the BIOS (what you were implying when you said f8) you need to see if your motherboards BIOS will do that. It might not. If worse comes to worse, you could buy a new hard drive, and try to re install XP on your computer. Unless you have to have your computer for the next month, yes I know it sounds weird, you should wait and buy vista. The full version. Not the upgrade.

    If you install XP and then upgrade to vista that will complicate the problem even further.

    In my personal opinion, I say screw SP2 and XP. Vista is going to be much better, for one because it actually is a new operating system unlike XP which is just another face lift on the NT platform.

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    Do you know how to format and install windows? If you have some knowledge the put the windows CD with Boot on the CD ROM and restart the machine. Now follow the instruction on screen keeping the data drive (where you keep your files) unaltered. You can format the C: drive for a fresh installation.

    It may solve your problem, if not consult your dealer or manufacturer.

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    try installing xp on an external drive (hard drive, dvdrom whatever) and booting up from that, or from the new xp disc. Then you can see at least whats going on and may be able to reformat and do a clean install.

    You can delete the contents of your hard drive by taking it out and bringing it to a computer shop...or leaving a huge magnet next to it.

    you could also get one of these instead;

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    If you have Windows XP, double click on my computer and right click the drive you want to erase completely. You will see many options, but click on Format. Then follow the instructions it gives you, and that should delete everything for you. Good Luck!

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    dude youre lookin at some serious work....I'd say wipe the hard drive and install a new version of windows

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    Toss it in a lake.

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