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what day is tomorrow all over the world?

well i had to ask a question didnt i to say this but merry xmas to all out there and may you all be surrounded with light love and peace.

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    M-E-R-R-Y C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S

    to one and all, love and peace!!!!!!!!!!

    As i write this, it is 8:45 AM and I am currently at my parents home in Sheyboygan, Wisconsin, USA

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    Merry Christmas ( Tomorrow is the Christmas in Egypt )

    25/12/2006 Monday

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    I'm in Victoria ,Australia and in another 2hrs it will be the 25th December 2006.

    Celebrated by Christians as *Christmas Day.*

    The day that Christ the Child is born by the religious calender.

    The 25th of December is also my birthday,but I guess you didn't really want to know that!

    Have a Wonderful Day on Christmas Day and A Spectacular New year 2007.********


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    here in Philippines it's December 24th 2006 6:48pm ... tomorrow's Christmas.... merry Christmas to everyone

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    And I had to answer your question!

    Tomorrow is xmas. merry xmas to you too!

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    Right now it is 8:37pm Christmas Eve in Saipan. So tomorrow is Christmas.

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    Christmas Day!!

    Oh wait, not every country celebrates christmas so I would have to say Monday.

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    the 25th. merry chritsmas too. its 5.30 pm here in Indonesia.

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    ITS CHRISTMAS (in india)

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