drank bad milk - 5 months pregnant. A little sick, but no fever. worry?

Yesterday I had a big bowl of cereal with milk. Had a "bad stomach" all day, general diarrhea- but no vomiting or fever. No blood. Today my husband noticed that the milk smelled bad. I seem to be getting rid of it all on my own without fever or big stomach pains. Would you call the doctor? (It's Christmas-no one is working!) Are there other things I should be worried about or looking for? I am 21 weeks pregnant. Thanks!

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    I don''t think you have any need to worry about your pregnancy.

    You seem to be watching for the right things - high temperature and stomach cramping.

    Usually bad drink or food is expelled from the stomach vomiting or diarrhoea.

    Merry Christmas, hope this doesn't spoil your Christmas dinner.

    Keep an eye on those use by dates.

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    some cats are lactose illiberal and get digestive disillusioned whilst eating milk. this suggests obtainable diarrhea. some cats drink milk and are basically advantageous. basically shop an eye fixed on her and notice what occurs. If her stool will become watery then you certainly would be attentive to to objective to maintain her far off from milk sooner or later. If in line with threat her stool would not corporation up in an afternoon or so, the choose arises to contemplate taking her to the vet for a splash help, as youthful kittens have little reserves and prefer human teenagers with diarrhea could grow to be dehydrated. however the possibilities of that occurring are VERY narrow.

  • aza
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    1 decade ago

    I think you will be fine and the baby too. But if I were you (and I am a born worrier especially when I have been pregnant) I would give your local Midwife unit a call and check. Peace of mind so you can enjoy the next few days.

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    Probably nothing to worry about unless you don't improve or get worse if that happens then call the doctor's office. They'll have someone on call even if it's Christmas.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, you should be fine. Any food that you eat is filtered through your immune system and the placenta before reaching the baby, so he shouldn't be affected at all. Just make sure you drink lots of water so the two of you don't get dehydrated.

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    Most likely its okay...so long as you don't run a fever. Just be sure to keep yourself hydrated...thats the most important thing.

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    when your pregnant you can neva b 2 careful so i wud get yourself cheacked out

    good luck and merry christmas

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i don't think it's anything serious, but i'd call the doctor to make sure....you can never be too safe....good luck.

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