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Help to win championship game PLEASE?

Who to start at QB:

Tono Romo aginst Phi

Vince Young @ Buf

Please help

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    Romo for sure..............Buffalo is horrible against the run so the Titans should give them a heavy dose of Travis Henry. With this being said, the Titans should not have to pass to win or stay in the game.

    For Romo, Philly is in the same boat, they are horrible against the run. However Romo is a more complete passer and has a lot more weapons in Owens, Glenn, and Witten. Even though Dallas should have its way on the ground, they will still need to pass to keep Philly off balance. Again, with that being said, Romo should hit some playactions for TDs and toss 2 to 3 TDs..........

    Joe Theisman

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    both playing against solid defenses. Young is playing really well but he is a rookie and they can't always play consistent. plus, buffalo will zone in on Young and his running, forcing him to throw more. I would go with Romo because Dallas really needs to win and Romo just seems to be clutch in big games. He hasn't played well of late, but i think he's due to breakout of his mini-slump.

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    Go with Romo

    Young is playing in the cold against a tough Buffalo Defense

    Good luck

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    You've got a tough choice right here. I would have to say......Romo

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    go romo, i have him in my championship also. he will make up for last game

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    young he is on a roll

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