Europe Travel - "Is there a fee to use VISA / Mastercard?"?

I am travelling to Europe (France and Italy) in April 2007 and I have a VISA (credit - Chase) and Mastercard (debit - Washington Mutual). Is there a fee everytime when I use them? Which one is better - credit / debit or VISA / Mastercard? Do they have lower convertion rate than cashing out Euro in US banks?

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    Both Visa and Mastercard have a service charge which is paid by the vendor and cannot be passed on to the customer. You pay the face value.

    The advantage of these cards - both are widely accepted - is to pay for larger bills such as rail tickets or hotel bills. You can also get cash advances from the ATM in an emergency.

    The 'charge' to you is thru the interest if the bill is not cleared once it appears on your monthly statement. You will pay more interest if you only clear the minimum each time.

    For traveling security, take a credit card, a little cash and a load of travelers checks in a mixture of Euro denominations.

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    You will pay a fee for cash advances. The fee is around three bucks. Direct purchases have no fee.

    I use Visa in Europe all the time. The exchange rate is good and it saves carrying cash or embarrassingly silly traveler's cheques.

    You can also take out cash with your bank card. You'll also pay the cash fee. The exchange rate is about the same as Visa.

    Take only a hundred euro in cash to start your trip as soon as you land, then use your Visa for hotels/cars and your debit card for cash.

    One thing: if you have a PIN more than 4 digits, change it to a 4-digit PIN or you might not be able to use the card at many machines.

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