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The 3 friends story

3 Three friends And A BaG of Gold

One day three friends sat out on a journey.when they

Were passinG throuGh a forest ,they saw a baG lyinG on The Ground.they picked it up and were over joyed2to find it Full of Gold .theydecided to to divid the Gold equally amonG themselves.they were hunGry 3 and tited4 so they sat under a tree and sent one of them to fetch5 food from a neiGhbourinG town. in his absence, the other two decided To kill himand divide the Gold equally between them selves. the man who had Gone to fetch food, was very Greed 6.He mixed some deadly poison7 in the food He said to himself"i will have the whole Gold, then they eat this meal. i'll Go to the town and start my own business8 with The Gold i. et".then he came dack to his companions they Killed him then both of them ate the food which the first one BrouGht for them. As the food was poi- soned, so both fo Them also died.

Moral: Asyou sow, so sha

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    a good story to learn a lesson from but cant have any answers for u as i dont see a question

  • cate
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    1 decade ago

    I'm struggling to find a question here.

    Is it, 'what kind of person am I?'

    Right now, Id say, 'confused'

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