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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentOther - Politics & Government · 1 decade ago

Why do people accuse all Muslim Men of abusing or treating wives/women physically -- When---?

(continued question) Americans (Christians, Jews, ect.) themselves have hundreds of men every day who abuse their wives sexually, physically, or mentally.

And where do you get these theories from? Television, websites, Yahoo Answers itself?

Im a Muslim woman and in all my years I have never seen a man strike his wife abusivly before.

Yes I understand that the Middle East is based in less modern times in parts and in most parts women don't have the right to vote -- But people take it for granted just because they see a man strike a woman it means all Muslim Men do it (or most).

Places in the Middle East may have laws or people that may be unfair and cruel in an American's standards -- But look at it from a Muslim's view, more then one.

Note; I'm not talking about terrorists.


And I'm not saying there no Muslim Men who don't treat they're wives cruelly.

Update 2:

These are all fantastic answers --

But they're not answering my question completly..

WHY do people accuse all Muslim Men of abusing or treating wives/women physically?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First off, concluding an entire ethnic group as being abusive is racism and bigotry in practice. *Some* Muslim/Arab men can be abusive, but concluding *all* are abusive is simply not factual.

    That said, the point that many in the Western world do state about the equality of women in the Middle East, isn't only based on Western values (let alone racist or bigoted POVs), it's acknowledging that women worldwide are too often regarded as second class members of their society. It would be criminal of women worldwide to not question that other women aren't full members, with the ability to rule their own bodies; be able to think and do for themselves; and have a voice beyond being "behind" some man.

    In the scheme of things, we are not destined to remain on Earth forever. When mankind ventures beyond our own world to another planet in 100 years, such colonies can't operate if women are regarded as property or can't function as full members of a crew (each would be required to be full working and thinking members with responsibilities not dependent on gender or class on sheer survival). To proclaim that Muslim/Arab women can't participate in such ventures is beyond criminal, it could be genocidal (as mankind will *have* to get off this rock to survive, as the Sun can explode at anytime). As a species, we have to work together as one -- not just men -- in hoping we can live beyond our increasingly resource depleted world.

    So, when you hear fellow women question, and feel disgusted that Muslim/Arab women aren't full members in society, think beyond simple racism and bigotry on why they do. Women, regardless of ethnic background, are women and women feel for other women worldwide. Yes, *some* Muslim/Arab women wouldn't mind being simple housewives (much like in the Western world), but the true aspect in all of this is letting women have the ***choice*** to decide their destiny ***for themselves***, not having only a male member decide for them as if they're but cattle to be bought and sold.

    A person doesn't need to be a Westerner to want, need and demand equal rights -- it's universal.

    Source(s): Me: A free thinking woman
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wife beating goes on everywhere, Sadly. That means the men are insecure and have very small penises.

    You are missing the point completely.!

    Look I know many Muslims and Jews, It's not about Abusing "physically", what we mean is the rules outlawing women Drivers, Workers, To leave the house unaccompanied by a man, No voting. Literally the women is not allowed to have a voice in some countries.

    I know Egypt is good at allowing these rights. I know Jordan Under King Hussein and Queen Noor championed these causes, that still hold under Queen Rahnia and King Abdullah.

    Yet what about Saudi Arabia and the wahabbists and Sharia law? To get your head chopped off for leaving the house without a burka?!!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    If we look only at the scientific part of this, Sara, evolution tells us that only the fittest survive. The Islamic civilization hasn't changed since Mohamed. It must mean that it has found an equilibrium between man and woman. It just can't be that half of a civilization - the female one - is oppressed and yet survives. Of course, the conservative Islamic or Christian view on the role of the woman is conflicting to what our modern society is expecting. But that's another discussion. The future belongs to tolerance. The best way to go to "war on terrorism" is to invite a Muslim for dinner and talk about our different cultures. I am sure we have more common points than we ever suspect. Love and peace!

  • 1 decade ago

    why are people more scared to fly than drive?

    Because when one of the 20 or 30 plane crashes happens, it gets headlines. When one of the hundreds of thousands of car wrecks occur, its nothing.

    Just like the U.S. soldier has a rep for abusing Iraqi civilians. A hundred or so break the law, then the other half million U.S. soldiers that are there or have been there have to live with the reputation. There have been bad soldiers in every war since the beginning of time. Don't expect a force that big to be with out its criminals.

    And don't expect any population to be devoid of men who have disdain for the mothers of their children.

    When men set their wives, sisters, etcetera on fire for dishonoring their family, it's a hard image to overcome, no matter how good the rest of the men are. Just like when a hand full of soldiers commit an atrocity, its unfair for the rest of that army to be labeled as thugs.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I wouldn't generalize that Muslim men beat their Women..What I think is that there is a culture conflict and perhaps the international media is to blame...In the west it is a fact that Women rights are more protected. I.E. In Islamic Pakistan if a woman is raped it is automatically assumed she brought it on her self and can get a jail sentence for being a victim...And at the same time many in the west unfortunately see Islam as a terrorist religion...Whats the solution.I'm not sure...and I'm sorry to say that !

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You have basically answered your own question.

    While abuse of the woman is far too widespread in any faith or culture, the fact that Muslims are far behind in granting women rights and freedoms fuels the perception of severe oppression of Middle Eastern woman.

    It seems to me that a faith that sanctions and promotes the oppression of women doesn't have the wellbeing of women at heart, and offers little or no protection to them.

    We know that abuse happens in all cultures, but at least in the US the woman has recourse and isn't automatically viewed as second - class.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The impression is that (at least in some Muslim countries) you are forced to wear head scarves or burkas (nijabs?) and that you aren't allowed to get an education, vote, or drive. Also, honor killings. Also, you need 3(?) male witnesses to testify that you were raped or else you get accused of adultery.

    That's why we think what we think.

    I'm not saying these things are true across the board, but they certainly are more common in your culture.

    As far as religion, though, I think religions that started with Abraham (Ibrahim), that is, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are a curse upon the earth with all the suffering and misery they ALL bring

    I'm not saying YOU are bad, though.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if what you say is true it is probable because you are one of the fortunate, because England passed a law prohibiting the mutilation of young girls when the the Muslims cut out their clitoris so they would not enjoy sex therefore be true to their husbands, England has started examining these girls at school and if they are mutilated they will deport the whole family, Muslim women must wear that burka, can't vote, go out of the house without an escort, they have so many rules and laws against women I don't see why any Muslim woman would stay in a situation like this once she tasted freedom.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    where or when have they said that i have never seen that

    you are making it up

    put up or shut up

    where and when

    the leading iman in the worlds biggest muslim nation has declared it is ok to beat women with a stick as long as it isnt too thick

    muslims are savages

  • 1 decade ago

    Perhaps it is because in some countries they set women on fire, stone to death etc. But that happens in India too.

    It's just another stereotype all stereotyping hurts people. You can't judge people by stereotying most people know this, it's just the few who don't are loud. Please know that not all people think this. By thinking a majority people think this you yourself have started to stereotype based on a judgement of few.

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