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Do you believe that society should tell you who to love and who you can't?


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    No fk,n way. But people are brainwashed to believe such hype.

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    Society should not have any control on whom a person loves or not. I tend to not care about others personal affairs. I have my own problems to worry about, and this is the least of my worries. I am married and yes to a man.

    If another woman wants to marry another woman; I could care less, and if a man wants to marry a man this is also not my concern.

    I cannot be responsible for anyone feelings, and I do not stand in the way for the marriages issues. I think to tell people what to do with their lives is immoral.

    I believe in the saying that only "god" can judge these people,, and I do not have anything to do with it. I do not lose any sleep over this issue, and I do not have any mixed feelings about this matter.

    This is a control technique as far as I am concerned. Because, even if the courts want legally marry these people they are going to be together anyway. it only hurts them from being able to gain spousal support, and all of the other benefits that married couples gain.

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    If you really mean just love no, society should let you love whomever you want.

    If you mean whom we should have sex with yes, I would not want to live in a country that says it is OK to sleep with animals,

    which is animal cruelty to say the least, and may open up humans to having STD's that are yet undiscovered.

    Society should also prevent people from having sex with young children who are unable to give informed consent.

    We should frown on people who have sex with close blood relations because of the risk resulting children would face because of genetic difficulties.

    We should also prevent people who have incurable STD's from having sex with healthy people without at least declaring the illness before hand. Not declaring the illness before hand is attempted murder, or attempted maiming in case of some diseases.

    If you mean should we as society endorse any two or more people who sleep with each other , the honorable title or marriage

    No I believe marriage was created to encourage people to raise children in the best way possible. It has been proven over and over again the most healthy and nurturing environment for children is to live with their blood mother, and blood father.

    Children who are brought up in other households are more likely to end up abusing drugs and alcohol, more likely to go to prison, less likely to do well in school. When this happens the government ends up having to care for the children, often well into adulthood, therefore society has every reason to protect and encourage healthy family nurturing marriage. If the partnerships are of a nature that has been scientifically proved unhealthy for the next generation they have no reason to endorse it.

    Marriages that consist of multiple woman with one man, and or marriages that have only one sex involved can attain non recognized marriages by someone who is willing to perform the services, they can make wills, can take out insurance policies, give medical power of atterney, they can do almost anything they want. There is a whole town near the Utah Arizona boarder filled with married groups, containing one man and multiple woman who are getting along fairly well ,

    (except when they marry people who are under aged for consent) but their partnerships like gay partnerships are unrecognized by the federal government.

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    I think that when society tries to control its members it is a sign of its decline. No, society shouldn't tell you who you can love. Only you can because these feelings come from within you and shouldn't be influenced by others. Much less try to force somebody to love somebody else legally.

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    1 decade ago

    Society can shrivel and die. I do not believe that society should have the right to dictate whom I have relations with... legally or otherwise.

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    1 decade ago

    No but it has to define what legally constitutes a marriage. It has to for insurance and benefit reasons.

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    legally, no, however people need to regain a sense of morality. How sad is that every young girl now thinks its cool to be a dyke?

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    Whether they should or shouldn't they might as well order the sun to rise. Life, love and joy cannot be regimented.

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    if you are religious, then you are supposed to love everyone, right?

    In the words of a great movie character.."a person is smart, but people are dumb panicky creatures."

    Do what your 'person' feels is right


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    1 decade ago

    Sure why not? It worked for Communisim. Do you believe you actually asked this question?

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