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Something keeps tripping my furnace?

Since I've put my Christmas lights up, there is a red light on my furnace thats flashes. I have to flip over the fuse in my fusebox and it goes back on. This has happened a couple of times, maybe once a week. Could my Christmas lights be overloading the circuit (are they even on the same circuit?)


To clarify..this only happens overnight for some reason. When I woke up this morning, the light on the furnace was flashing. Our house is fairly new (built in 2001).

Also out x-mas lights are outside. Several times they have gone out and I had to press the red button on the outside outlet to get them to go back on again. This one time last week, I would plug the one strand in and the red button would keep popping up and the strand of lights would not stay on.

We're defintely going to get this looked at if the problem persists.

Update 2:

We had an electrician friend of ours come by yesterday to check the wiring, it has nothing to do with the wiring he said - it's the furuance. It tripped off 3x more yesterday and the light was flashing. I checked the error code it says NO PREVIOUS CODE: "stored status codes are erased when power (115 vac or 24vac) to control is interupped or 48 hrs after each fault is cleared.. No idea what this means..I restart the furance with the switch on the furance and it goes right back on so I have no idea what is going please!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hard to tell based on what you have typed there. Try unplugging you lights, does the circuit stop tripping?

    If so they're probably the same circuit, and you have a short somewhere.

    Check all your lights, (Make sure you unplug your lights before you look them over),are all your extension cords plugged together securly, do your cords or lights have any bare wires showing?

    Is it tripping only when the furnace starts up it's heating cycle ,or after it's been running for a while?

    If it's getting to be a real problem and unless you have an understanding of electricity you're better off calling an electrician or an HVAC service tech to take a look at it.

    Source(s): 19 years HVAC/ maintenance experience.
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    1 decade ago

    What ever you are told, by any one here, you should call a qualified electrician. Electricity is not something an untrained person should attempt to work on. You can kill yourself or burn down your house.

    By code in most states, the furnace must be on a circuit by itself. The problem with the Christmas lights may be a symptom. It could be the house grounding is improperly installed it needs to be checked. PLEASE CALL AN ELECTRICIAN.

  • 1 decade ago

    well the gfi button popping up .. i would say that strand is junk.

    the furnace... if the light is blinking or on means its getting power... its a safety shut off.. the furnace tried to light 3-5 times and would not.. so it shut itself down.. if its a 90+ furnace (pvc pipes venting) check the pipe outside for blockage. there are other things that can cause it like flame sensor, bad gas or the power vent not creating enough suction (dirt/water) alot of times it will blink a code.. blink pause blink blink(code 12) blink blink pause blink blink blink (code 23) etc.. inside one of the panels it usually list the codes and meanings. im guessing the power vent vacuum switches. by switching off the power you are resetting the furnace. goodman furnaces do this alot

  • 1 decade ago

    I would think, you would have have thought, of that without asking. I think it's just on that line where it get's a little warm and trips the breaker. Put it on a different line and try it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well it probably could be santa claus doin a trick or treat!!!

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