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What do you think of Mac Book Pro?

I got a ThinkPad but its really slow and crappy for watching TV shows and listening to music. I've been a PC user for more than 5 yrs but I want to buy a Mac Book Pro to use it for music, movies and surfing the net. Would it be hard for me to swtich? I am just worried that I won't adjust. What do you guys think?


And is the glossy screen better?

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    First, let me address mhp_wizo: Apple does "not" own everything and you don't have to go to them for all your software. They do make a great deal of quality software for their Macs, much of which comes with the computer. However, the vast majority of Mac software is not made by Apple. It's just like Microsoft - they make Office and many other Windows apps, but there's plenty out there they don't touch.

    Now, on to your question. If you're only going to surf, watch movies, and play music, I'd say the MBP is an overkill. The MacBook may be enough for you. I have a MacBook Pro 17" and it's the best and fastest laptop I've ever seen. Whether you'll adjust to the Mac OS or not is really not something anyone but you can answer. It's slightly different and it has a small learning curve. I was on PC for my whole life and switched to Mac 3 years ago. It took me about 2 to 3 weeks to feel completely at home with the machine and now I can't imagine having anything else.

    Hope this helps with your decision.

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    The MacBook & MacBook professional the two have a similar battery existence now. The MacBook professional has a lit keyboard, a firewire port and a card reader. in case you do no longer desire those, get the MacBook. The MacBook Air is a advantageous Mac in case you have already got a Mac and you desire portability with minimum inputs and outputs. examine the Apple training internet site, you're able to be able to qualify for a unfastened iPod touch & a printer as properly a coupon.

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    I have a mac power book..and it works of the things I didnt realize is that the macs are almost virus pop up, no spy ware, no anti virus cleaning and organizing of the hard loading of software for new hardware....all the crap that u just put up with the pc...just dont exist...I had an older camera...had no idea what i did with the software for it...they told me to just plug it worked...same with my wireless software....the only regret you will have was waiting so long before you switched

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    it is an apple, enough said

    not an apple fan here,

    you have a thinkpad? what speed, what software, if you get the right software and a notebook with good speed with adequate memory, you will find it will fit your needs

    i play movies and music on mine all the time, no problems at all.

    my personal opine is: I wouldn't have an Apple if someone gave it to me!!

    Oh, by the way, Apple owns everything, you have to go to apple to get any software, etc...... and that means you pay through the nose for less. but by all means spend your monies the way you want to....

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    The best choose for work!

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