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What acrobatics can a Cessna 172 /& 180 do?

i mean : can they loop , reverse? etc

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    None legally except spins, chandelles, and wingovers on certain models (Check the Limitations section of the POH or the placard to the left of the panel in the cockpit). Lazy eights are usually fine since they fall within the Utility Category limitations.

    Theoretically, they are all capable of loops, Immelmans, Split-S, aileron rolls, barrel rolls, vertical reverses, cuban eights, and reverse cubans since the stress levels of these manoeuvres are similar to spin recoveries and negative G is minimal. Snap rolls would put too much stress on them.

    The only inverted systems an aerobatic Citabria 7GCBC has is a small reservoir to catch the oil from the breather and a sealed battery box. It can do loops and rolls just fine, but inverted flight is limited to 30 seconds.

    Remember, only do aerobatics with proper training in an aircraft certified for doing aerobatics. Also make sure you have emergency manoeuvres training for unusual attitude recovery.

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    they dont have oil systems of fuel systems that can work in negative g's and they are limited to 105kts manuvering speed, so you cant really do anything like that.

    There are some special cessnas that are designed for spins and such and are designated A- instead of C-. They have reinforced wings, and for some retarded reason usually have a better than average avionic suite.

    There are much much cheaper planes, like a Pitts, which are faster, consume less fuel, and have full aerobatic ability.

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    None. Acrobatics are done by humans, not aircraft.

    Aircraft do aerobatics. The small Cessnas are only rated for spins and chandels.

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    the fuel systems are gravity feed I don't recomend going inverted

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