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Describe the perfect girl/boy.?

physically and mentally.

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    tall, but not too tall. lean. athletic-looking but probably terrible at sports. big round sparkling eyes. long silky hair, done up in a pony tail, sometimes. nice bum that looks more nice in jeans. chest that looks more nice without the bra. and of course the smile. has to have a great smile.

    warm-hearted but cold-minded, mature but can be silly. smart. open-minded but not willing to do anything. girly, but can still do things like drink beer or play poker. has a tatoo, but only one. does not care what other people think of her...does not gossip like crazy - like some girls do (you know the type).

    Kind of like cute and innocent on the outside but a freak on the inside.

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    Kindness is very attractive to me. I need someone who has enough intellectual curiosity to be able to engage in conversations on any topic, but without needing to fill every moment with chatter. A sense of adventure goes down well. Finally I like a girl who is 'healthy looking', not overweight or smokes or drinks too much.

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    he is physically and mentally a MAN not a boy.

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    first and maximum useful there must be honesty and mutual comprehend. i like to have somebody who has objectives and goals and is supportive of my goals likes to learn new issues and keeps up with whats going on interior the international and could take a shaggy dog tale and crack a shaggy dog tale

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    caramel complexion, pretty teeth, low cut, 5'9. honest, loving,hardworking,and funny! good question

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