What is the best business to do these days? What qualities do we need to become a businessman?Other than money

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The best business to mind is one's own. Failing that, breed and sell hamsters. They are very popular in Burma.

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    The new Business always depends on the location / environment you live and the type of person you are. Since you have asked a general question, the asnwer is to start some online business. As there is lot of advancement in the communication, any business you link it with the internet and do your best to shine in that. Money is not important to start a business. Take the life history of all Successful business man, All have started with very little money as investment. But everyone had a right mind set for the right business. You should have courage to be a successful business man. You have to involve direclty into the core business atleast in the begining. Dont expect returns in the begining. Hard work and consistence will pay you in the business. Some one will say LUCK is needed. I will say LUCK is nothing but your hard work and the opportunity you have.

    To be in short. Start something totally new in Internet

    Source(s): My thoughts and personal experiance
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    1 decade ago

    i might not be that experienced with business but i think that to run a successful business you have tto be hands on and get stuck into probles instead of leaving it to some poor low down employee. andpractise what you preach, so people you work with will respect you more

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