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I just remebered that 32 years ago I but my neighbors cat under a bucket?

And I forgot about it until just right now. What should I do?


i mean I PUT my neighbors cat

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    I think that you have a very good memory! Dont bother about it your neighbour would have let it out of the bucket 32 Minutes after you left him there.

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    wow, something must have triggered that memory,... did the cat live? Do you know the neighbors where you were, and are they still there? Would it make things better to apologize to them, or just to know that you were a young boy then and hopefully haven't done anything like that since? There is a gift given to us called repentance... it is a great thing if we use it and don't repeat the offenses...we also have to be able to forgive ourselves as well as others who have offended us! Sometimes young children or younger teens do things that we would not consider doing as adults, because we know the right from wrong and the consequences that come from those choices we make. The cat might have died from suffocation, or just been really afraid under that bucket, but were you old enough to understand that at the time? It sounds like you have feelings of remorse now... so, just make sure that you don't let someone else do something like that to hurt or torture an animal now... Good luck to you...

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    Go and tell your neighbors and have a kitten in a pretty box, lid slightly open or a cat box for them,and tell him/her/them what happened.

    You will clear this situation, it will make you feel better and put them at peace finding out what really happened.

    Accidents do happen


    Source(s): Practical Thinker
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    If it wasn't a heavy bucket,the cat probably got out.Or somebody possibly heard a commotion and took it off.If not's dead...long dead.And it died, of starvation more then likely.A slow agonizing process I hear.And that creatures pain and suffering, would be your fault.So, be nice to any cats you meet.

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    You seem traumatized by an event you should have long forgotten. Seek counseling immediately and have a merry christmas!

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    get urself under a bucket!!!!

    that wud solve the complex equation

    else go do some calculus.


  • Ted T
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    Ask your neighbour if her p#ssy is as good as it used to be.If she says yes. Ask if you can stroke it. I wish you had said 5 years . That would sound so much better.

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    Turn yourself in. Murder is a hanging offense and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is a terrible joke right?

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    that's pretty funny. i wonder how the cat made out.

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