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Make Fingers Stop Hurting After playing guitar?

I have been playing guitar for about 3 days for about 2 hours a day then stop for an hour and then start back up again for another 2 hours.and i know your fingers are supposed to hurt and i was just wondering how long will they stop hurting and they be calised or whatever =]

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    I'm assuming you're kinda new to the guitar, so... The good news is that you're well on your way (and it's good to see you're very enthusiastic about it)! The bad news is that you have to kinda play through the pain and pay your dues. Your body will naturally defend itself against the damage by developing callouses. Once you get those you'll have graduated to another level of "the club".

    I've been playing [bass] for over 30 years and my callouses still mostly go away if I don't play for 2-4 weeks (which happens maybe once a year). When I start back up, my fingertips hurt terribly for several days before they toughen up again.

    Blisters are probably next... (Then that skin will peel off and you'll have the joy of playing on the tender skin that's under those!) But your body eventually gets the hang of it and rewards you with the tough stuff. All I can say is "keep at it". I recall that, when I first started, my fingertips took much longer to build up against the pain than they do now, probably 4-6 weeks or so. Best of luck to you!

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    Do this , go out and buy a slide. When your fingers are hurting play the slide and change the tuning around on the slide so you learn to play a few styles.

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    Playing that much should get you calloused up real fast. I remember when I first started playing. Played for hours on end. Hurt like hell but kept playing anyway. It'll get better, soon.

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    Sounds like a true beginner. Yea they will stop hurting after a year then you will not even know it. Fingers will build calluses

    Source(s): played guitar for 12 good years
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    wooow a true beginner.

    look maan its wel never stop hurting but u well used on that ;)

    sooner or letar

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    Soak your fingers in warm salty water!!


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