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Is abstinence from ejaculation harmful for health?

I've read from various sources that abstinence from ejaculation, whether by abstinaning from masturbation or by practising celibracy, is harmful especially for your prostate. How true is it? And how exactly harmful can it get? (There's thousands of people practising celibracy, yet nothing seems to happen to them...)


It'll never come out if one wears a chastity prevents even the slightest erection and thus, ejaculation.

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i need more answers than this!!!

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    There may be thousands of people practicing celibacy but they don't tell us what they do when it is dark or when the urge is upon them. I read a book once of 2 soldiers who lost their testicles ( I mean they were shot off, they did not mislay them ) and the advise for them was to masturbate regularly to retain good health otherwise. And if you don't use it you lose it.

    Additional details: it will come out whether you have an erection or not.

    And here is an Additional Detail which may not be popular but is true just the same. There is a lot of perversion such as rape and child abuse and others. Surely the greatest perversion must be to NOT use what it was intended for, the propagation of the human race in general but your own genes in particular. Listen to the wisdom of the Creator of the Universe and not to idiots who say they speak on his behalf.

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    Like any other part of the human body its a use it or lose it answer. Musles atrophy without exersise, so does the prostrate. The sperm are just absorbed into the body and eliminated but lack of use will come back to haunt you later if you decide to begin relations later on.

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    Truth be told it's comming out one way or another wether you want it to or not.

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    Wet dreams or it releases into your body.

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