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Anonymous asked in SportsGolf · 1 decade ago

I think the biggest myth in golf is keep you left arm straight any comments?

keeping your left arm dead staright actually reduces clubheadspeed by reducing the natural whip and leverage created

by the the downswing.If anyone gets this advice throw it out the window. your left arm for righties should be firm but not straight any comment for those who like golf?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hello Madison

    You are correct in your statement. The trouble most golfers have is that they cant distinguish between a firm left arm or a locked left arm.

    Most have a tendency to lock the elbow which robs power from the swing through tension.

    I believe the myth originates from those that have colapsing elbows, or elbows that break down during the backswing, and have much difficulty with consistancy because they cannot get back to square consistantly.

    But I would say its better to keep the left arm more rigged then to just let the elbows fly and fold.

    Merry Christmas


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  • 3 years ago


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  • 4 years ago

    No it somewhat isn't any longer. this may be a reliable rule of thumb in case you're an absolute noobie. yet absolutely everyone who's been to the variety two times or greater probably won't earnings from this concept very lots. I see maximum of beginners attempt to maintain their left arm so directly that that's rigid. absolutely everyone knows that rigidness and stress are terrible to your golfing sport. additionally, after impression your left arm is now no longer directly anyhow. which would be an extremely interesting part of see "keeping left arm directly each of how by way of swing". the version between good swings and undesirable swings is understanding while/a thank you to launch your left arm (additionally spoke of as freeing wrists, etc) do no longer enable me confuse you, bending on the left elbow by way of your backswing will probably wreak havoc on your swing. however, a stiff left arm will do the comparable. you may prepare to discover your 'stability' factor; the place your left arm is table certain by way of your backswing, yet comfortable sufficient to launch at impression.

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  • 1 decade ago

    every player has a opinion as to the best way to play golf, listen to all and use what information is relevant to your playing style. I have seen players who step up to the tee and look like they are going to hit a cricket ball and successfully complete the shot.

    Happy Golfing

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