Do you understand the theme of the Holy Bible?

Heaven will be a paradise where no sin or sinner can enter. Please understand that if God allowed sin, (hatred, violence, lust, covetousness, etc.), to enter in, then it would not be a paradise. It would only be a new place that is similar to the old one.

Now, hang with me, the Holy Bible, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 is about sin, the punishment for sin, and the way to be forgiven and reconciled to God.

God is perfect, and His nature won't allow HIm to be in the presence of sin or sinners. This is why He made a way that we might be saved from the penalty of our sin. He sent us the ultimate Sacrifice, which is redemption from sin. He sent our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Holy Bible, from cover to cover, is about Jesus Christ and His desire to reconcile us back to God.

Merry Christmas!!!

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    If you really think about it... What's to say that the bible was not stories made up and passed down from generation to generation. Or that the fact that the bible has been edited though out time. For example:Pagans being mentioned in the commanments as bad people to be around was not origally in the bible. If was not put in until and only 'The King James Version.' Now why is that, well it is in history- King James was afraid of witches, and pagans. So he had them put to death! Way bedfore King James centuries before, the king would not make a battle move or anything without talking to his wizard or medicine man. The other theme for the bible is proof of goverment control over the people. I do believe that evryone should have their own religion, just know your self & stuff, Reseach everything...

    Merry Yule/Christmas, Happy Hoildays.

    Source(s): I am a pagan...
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    You are correct!!! In Genesis, there were 2 trees in the midst of the garden. Man sinned when eating from the knowledge of good and evil tree, which God forbad them to eat from. But why didn't God forbid them to eat from the tree of life? Because man already HAD eternal life! Man lost eternal life when he sinned in Eden. Man now dies. The tree of life was blocked off by a flaming sword turning in every direction when man was cast out of Eden.

    Jesus, God's Word, was on Earth to show mankind by example how to regain the eternal life that he once had in the beginning of time. So now, even though we die now, we can still be born again into eternal life, if we follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.

    Here's hoping that you and yours have a Happy Holiday season, that glorifies the TRUE Reason. Merry Christmas!!!

    Source(s): Re: Amber: Actually God's Word, is mentioned walking in the Garden of Eden. Jesus is God's Word made into flesh, so it could be said that Jesus was mentioned in Genesis. In the beginning was the word, and the word was God and the word was with God. John 1-1-5. Adam and Eve called God's Word, God.
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    Actually the Bible from cover to cover is not about Jesus. There is no mention of him at all in at least the first 5 books. Beyond that you can claim all you want, but this much I know to be true.

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    The theme of the bible is that it's ok to commit genocide and rape if God says so. Just ask Moses.

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    The theme of the bible is God Loves us.

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    Do you assume they're going to reenact the wars that were occurring there for hundreds of years and wipe the element off the face of the planet? i imagine if it actual exists, its there to drag human beings into some cult.

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    Believe in Jesus or for my finite number of years on earth I will be tortured for infinity? I'm probably getting the gist all wrong. I always take it out of context.

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    This is the Gospel and good news that Jesus is the way and he atoned for the sin of those who will accept his atonement.

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    Redemption! Though everyone starts out lost, salvation is yours if you will accept God's plan. It is free, no strings attached.

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    The "THEME" of the Bible as you ask is this:

    Christ said that the VOLUME of the BOOK is of ME.

    PSALM 47

    It has only ONE "THEME" and that is CHRIST.

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