Why the world always connects terrorism to Islam, even they have not heard anything about Islam?

All people around the world have to read about the real Islam before judging Islam and accusing the Muslims of being terrorism, also not to forget that bad policy acting’s against some countries will encourage terrorism, even it is not the proper way to take your rights by hurting innocent people by anyway.

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    It is a massive over generalization but it happens. Those of us who find out things for ourselves know the truth, but the man in the street rarely bothers


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    I guess we (speaking generally here) don't understand how it seems to go both ways in Islam. I wish I could understand better. But you have the radical terrorist groups reading the same book as the groups that say Islam is all about peace. Well which is it? In the Catholic faith the Pope makes the final decisions and holds the other inter-church leaders accountable for what they preach. Most other religions I have heard of do something similar. Why are some Islamic clerics the supposed ringleaders of terrorism, while other clerics just sit by and let them preach hate and jihad? Is that really what Islam teaches?

    As for the rest of the world having to read all about Islam before we judge Islam and muslims, well, usually people judge others by their actions, not their words. If I see a bunch of muslims jumping up and down shouting Allahs name and waving guns on burned vehicles and charred bodies, I pretty much form an opinion right then and there,( Stay away from them they are scary and psycho.) Besides, Could be a difference in Faith, but I personally would not care to stand before God and say "Hey I killed lots of people in your name, aren't you proud of what I have done, all for you God!"

    I would end up in the other place...HELL

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    I connect the majority of Terrorism I see to day to Islam because all my life I see the following things coming from Islamic states and Islamic leaders. Examples are Americans being kidnapped in the name of Islam. In 1979 the American Embassy was taken and its people held hostage for 444 days. Organized by Ebrahim Asgharzadeh and sanctioned by the Ayatollah Khomeini. In June of 1985 the Hezbollah hijacked Flight 847.

    Of course I could go on all day on the thousands of Americans who have been kidnapped or just shot by Islamists for being Americans, but I don’t have a lot of space.

    Let us also not forget the 9th of November 2001 the main job that started linking Islam to Terrorism that launched two of the bloodiest wars in American history. Al Qaeda surly did shout in the name of Allah and the teachings of the Holy Qur’an.

    Plus I could go on all day on how the leaders like Iranian President Ahmadinejad likes calling America the great Satan while we have been trying to talk peace.

    Maybe if people in Islamic countries stopped attacking Americans a long time ago there would be no war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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    I know its not fair. But look at it this way. Most (not all) most of the major terror attacks over the past few years have been carried out by Muslims who say they are doing it in the name of Islam.

    I am asuming you are muslim, maybe im wrong. But anyways as an American citizen i have seen very few of your Islamic religious leaders denouncing the use of terrorism, in fact we see many approving of it. If more of your religious and political leaders were to stand up and publicly denounce the use of any form of terror it would go a long way in helping to break the myth that all muslims are terrorists and may even help turn young muslims away from joining terrorist organizations.

    I believe in a sense your people suffer from the same thing my people suffer from. You are looked at as being a terrorist because you are muslim. I am looked at as being pro-war and aggressive racist because i am a white American. Alot of people instantly think "American=Bush" but its not that way. Just because im American does not mean i support Bush or the Iraq war.

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    Granted there are terrorist activities taking place around the world where no ties to Islam have been expressed. But for right now thats where the spotlight is and Islamists can only thank their brothers for it. I find especially troubling news stories that depict discriminatory application of law based on gender in Muslim countries. To see from another perspective just remove gender and replace with race or religion and look at the picture.

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    Terrorism is undeniably related with Islam. Terrorist crimes are committed "in the call of Islam," and the Koran includes alarming content textile on killing infidels. This quote is from the Koran: Sura 2:216 - "combating is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. even nonetheless it somewhat is obtainable that ye dislike a element that's sturdy for you, and that ye love a element that's undesirable for you. yet God knoweth, and ye be attentive to no longer." Terrorists are obeying what's somewhat in the Koran. it may be incorrect to ignore that basically about all of Muslims are non violent human beings. maximum Muslims despise the extremist companies that provide their faith a foul call. the character of the Koran is the reason Islam is a mix of peacefulness and violence. The Koran is contradictory in terms of affection and wrath. Muslims pupils properly known this. some say what became written later "overrides" what became written in the previous. some say the contradiction is basically variety of mystically poetic. (inspect my source) All in all, the religion of Islam is a few thing to be feared for its skill, that's terrorism.

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    9/11 comes first to mind here. How can we NOT judge the Muslims, or be apt to label them all terrorists when we never hear any cries of outrage from the rest of the Muslim community when these acts of terrorism occur. The silence seems to speak volumes.

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    1 decade ago

    Excuse me???

    Maybe you should tell the TERRORIST to quit coming on TV and telling us how they are doing the work of Islam. Oh, be sure to have them say they are NOT Muslim while they are at it.

    If I tell you my name is David...will you continue to try to call me Bob...even after I've done 100's of TV appearances announcing to the entire WORLD that my name is David?

    PERSONALLY, I know that all Muslims are NOT terrorist. But, place the blame where it belongs. It ain't Mexicans blowing themselves up!

    We have a saying here in the good ol US of A.

    It's "Clean your own back yard...before you start *&%$#@ about mine"

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    Because the terrorists are muslim, they are supported by muslims, Islam teaches intolerance for other societies ( at least some clerics do), the Islamic religion continues to teach that non-muslims should be destroyed, the more moderate muslims do nothing to silence the clerics who teach that ""westerners" should be put to death, etc.

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    1 decade ago

    I do not think the world as a general problem with Islam. and not all muslims are terrorist, but almost ALL terrorists are muslims. I think the muslim community in some parts of the world has failed in distancing themselves from terrorists

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    Stereotyping, which is exactly the same thing your doing by saying they have not heard anything about Islam. You can not judge people based on stereotyping, but that is true BOTH way.

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