Anyone have any ideas on what to write song lyrics about?

I'm a singer rock in a band. I hate writing lyrics. Everything seems to have been done and everything I write seems so cliche. I am looking for some original ideas but am at a loss. Nothing seems to work. Help! thanks!

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    being free and needing to be free, there may be a song in what you are feeling right now, think what a young person caught up in one of the wars around the world feels, I have not heard many songs that talk about the dangers of being a follower and not making your own reality, finding a dream and having it become a nightmare or the other way around, what is it like to be really cold-to be really cold inside. Just some thoughts

    rock on !!!

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    Enigmatic Glance

    It was something new,

    Was something different,

    Something weird,

    It was a look on me,

    For just single moment.

    When you said “good bye”,

    I felt very new, more painful,

    Hurts on my heart,

    It was just like we are getting apart, forever,

    And you were trying to capture me,

    In your eyes,

    It was a look on me,

    For just single moment.

    Its true that you healed all my wounds,

    Wounds of sorrows,

    Wounds of loneliness,

    But when you were leaving,

    And stepped down the first step,

    I felt numbed,

    I felt weird,

    Again my wounds went deeper,

    With your stabbing eyes,

    It was a look on me,

    For just single moment.

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    Take a way, go for a trip, anywhere come back home and write everything you say and experienced, feelings interactions.

    Read it the next day, use the stuff you still like.

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    I know what you mean about sounding cliche. How can you not? What I found is that if I write something and it sounds cliche, I can go back at a later date and try re-wording it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well watch some old classics and some latest hiphop,rock related movies,i am sure u will be full new ideas for a hit number.good luck.

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