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is there any home remedy to sedate my cats for bathing?

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    yes there is !!! its called rescue remedy... it will just take the edge off and wont sedate per say.. I have a persian that is lazy and I have to bathe him so some cats do need baths....also you can ask you vet if you can have a low dose of acepromazine.. be careful with that it could really zonk him out... you can get recue remedy at pretty much any heath food store and I give my cat a good wont hurt him if you give to much its all natural and it works well to take the edge off for thunder storms and people visiting etc.... good luck smile.....

    for the poster below me... the vet I work for which is a home vet DOES carry it and it does not sedate but its good for taking off the edge as I said....mabey your pet is to high strung for it...

    I have never heard of your "Homeopet Anxiety" it might be another good source for this person but I am sure that telling someone to use triple a dose when your vet probably gave a regular dose is NOT a good idea...

    Source(s): vet tech
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    I would probably try Rescue Remedy too. The other remedy sounds interesting too. At Dr. Jean Hovfe has "Stress Stopper" which you can have mailed to you with instructions for use. They are all about the same price.

    I would be inclined to try Stress Stopper. A bath is not really a situation for the Rescue Remedy though I use both Stress Stopper or Rescue Remedy for vet trips and such. Neither one of those will have any side effects such as a drug might.

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    Rescue Remedy is a joke. I've used it -and it does NOTHING. People swear by it -but I think that is all in their minds.

    I use "Homeopet Anxiety". I started using it after watching my vet gave it to one of my rescue cats so they could examine her. WOW. It sure worked.

    It costs about 15 dollars a tube and some vets carry it --or you could buy it online probably for less.

    For bathing- I would give double or triple the recommended dose.

    BTW-You never see a vet selling Rescue Remedy

    Source(s): Ten years as an animal rescue volunteer.
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    Please be careful with sedating cats. My experience with sedatives from the vet was scary and I almost lost a cat who started to have a paradox reaction. He almost suffocated.

    I don't think it is necessary to bathe cats. Never did it, never will and mine just smell fabulous!

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  • 1 decade ago you are one brave human to want to bath a moggy!

    Have you tried the washing machine????

    Seriously, cats do not need to be bathed, unless of course there is a good reason as to why you want to give your moggy a bath. If so then I suggest you contact a groomer for assistance, better them getting ripped to shreds than you....LOL

    Source(s): Only bath my pussy when absolutely necessary! :-)
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    Not that I am aware of.Ask a vet.Unless your cats get into something though you really don't need to give them baths.

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    not safe... cats groom themselves, so you shouldnt have to bathe them unless they have fleas.. some people swear that its unhealthy to bathe cats at any time... If they are really that difficult during bathing, you might want to consider taking them to a groomer.

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    NO , But you can get special equipment .It is a restrant made of nylan with large openings that works rather nicely. You can also use a dry bath

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    Might I recommend chain mail

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    Does your mother sadate you for bathing???????????????????

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