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How do you say "Merry Christmas to my best friend" in Turkish?

please help! I want to surprise my friend.


what about the " to my best friend" part ?!

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    "En iyi arkadaşıma mutlu Noeller"

    En iyi arkadaşıma: to my best friend

    mutlu Noeller: Merry Christmas

    Source(s): I'm a Turk.
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    Merry Christmas = Mutlu Noeller (Moot-lavatory No-elle-lare) satisfied New 3 hundred and sixty 5 days = Mutlu Yillar (Moot-lavatory Yil-luhr) (the i is a non-said i so that you need to study it like the sound interior the note "grudge" between the "g" and the "r". say it slowly and also you'll comprehend..)

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    Hmm, the translation would be 'Mutlu Noeller!', but in Turkey people dont celebrate this christian holiday, so maybe it would be better to say 'Yeni yıl kutlu olsun!' which is Happy New Year.

    Or just 'Mutlu tatiller!' which is Happy holidays.

    Source(s): I live in Turkey.
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    just say Merry Christmas in Thais languages

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    probably your turkish muslim friend knows X-mas only from TV but you can wish him "iyi bayramlar"* on 31st Decem. because of the Seker-Bayram Feast!

    * e-'e ba-e-ram-l'ar

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    En iyi(best) or en yakin(closest)

    dostuma or arkadaşıma



    Actually "Yeni yılın kutlu olsun" or "Mutlu yıllar" for happ new year would be better.

    If he/she is Muslim then "Bayramın kutlu (or "mübarek") olsun" is about religious holiday at the beginning of Jan.

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    Chances are your turkish friend is Muslim, in which case i would advise you not say it. If not, i have no idea. Try babelfish.

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