Colon cleanse and fasting?

I have a lot of acne, blackheads, pores etc on my face. I read up a lot of articles and they all suggested a colon cleanse through fasting. I've been on a juice fast since yesterday, drinking 10 glasses of water and only pineapple and carrot juice the whole day. I haven't had a bowel movemnet though and I'm thinking of trying psyllium husk, will it help? How long should I continue this fast and will any other easily available products help? Also, right now my acne is just the same, no improvemnet, how soon should i expect results?

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    Hi The Discrepancy

    Glad to see your cleaning out the toxins in the body. There are herbs (senna, cascara, and aloe) you can take that help the bowels move quickly and here are the websites you can check out. They have very effective colon cleansing plans.

    Also here are some more therapeutic juices including wheatgrass juice; cabbage, papaya, and carrot juice.

    Best of health to you

    Source(s): experience educating and healing clients for years
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    You are on the right track! Colon cleansing is the first step to clearing acne. Clogged colon is probably the main source of toxins entering your body.

    Fasting alone doesn't usually cleanse the bowels. You need to either take enemas or herbs that cleanse the colon. Psyllium husk is just one herb, but it alone isn't usually enough. You also need laxatives to keep things moving. I really recommend that you take a specially formulated colon cleansing kit. They give you much better results than psyllium husk alone.

    In addition to colon cleanse you should also cleanse the liver. I've found out that colon cleansing gets me clear, but if I don't cleanse the liver acne comes back pretty soon. Healthy, functional liver is really the cornerstone for clear skin.

    The topic of how to cure acne is too wide for me to cover it in detail here. For specific instructions on how to do a colon cleanse and liver flush plus everything else you need to know visit

    How long it takes to get clear? After starting a fast I usually get clear in 3 or 4 days. Though this varies from person to person. But it shouldn't take more than 5 days.

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    There is a colon cleanse called the Master Cleanser and it really works cause I have a ton of friends that have done it. It lasts for 10 days and its really intense. However, your not starving yourself because the juice that you make for this fast has all the nutrients to fill you up so your not hungry throughout the day. You can buy the book on ebay for really cheap or go into one of your local health food stores and they should have it there.

    This is what the book will look like it and heres a little background info on it.

    Hope this helps

    Source(s): I've done the fast too, its tough but has amazing results
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    Your colon uses food intake, and the muscle contractions from food digestion to move your bowels. It's going to take a little while for your body to push out what's in you now because there is nothing solid behind it. I would try eating an apple or two. Also, bran is a good tool to clean you out, then try fasting from there.

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    It's Christmas time ( I live in Australia so we are a day ahead of the USA) and I have violent diarrhoea. I'm as jealous as hell. Acne: the bane of teenagers. I, and later my 3 sons, used a cream with sulfur in it. Worked too well for the pharmaceutical industry who now try to poison us with all kind of garbage. Buy a generic cream and mix sulfur in it. Any chemist should be able to tell you how much.

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    Sorry, what you were told is garbage. Colon cleansing doesn't work. Try learning how to keep your skin clean (no excessive rubbing, just cleanser and water). Try cleaning your skin once in the morning, once at night, and then applying benzoyl peroxide in the morning and salicylic acid at night (both available in pharmacies without a prescription). If you have more than about 25 pimples, you should see a doctor. And DON'T PICK. If you don't believe me that picking makes it worse, just try picking on one side of your face and you'll see the results really quickly!

    Good luck!

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    cramberry juice, that works gr8

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    add b-complex vitamins.weeks.

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    you sound like this dude we used to call pizza face

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