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Is it possible to use an IDE drive with a SATA II header on the MB?

I re3cently purchased a Dell with STA II headers on the MB, and would like to use my old-school Parallel ATA 250 GB drive with it. I have seen converters, but would like to know how reliable they really are. Any corrupted data? Conflicts? Power issues? Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No converter for IDE to use SATA controllet bcoz its SATA technlogy, Use external USB-to-IDE hard disk case.

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    5 years ago

    SATA is the respond. that is going to velocity up the information get entry to on your laptop. yet, if the working gadget (Eg:- domicile windows XP, domicile windows vista, Linux............etc.) put in on a IDE no longer easypersistent do no longer think of it is going to velocity up the boot technique or loading time for the courses. additionally SATA is amazingly uncomplicated to setup. There at the instant are not any jumpers to assert grasp or slave. basically single cable to plug in on the two ends. make certain you have mandatory capability connectors on your new SATApersistent. New SATA drives comes with a distinctive capability connector different than molex connector you used to furnish capability to IDE no longer uncomplicated drives. you could constantly get a changing adaptor to transform that molex connector in to new SATA capability connector. lots of the sellers supplies that connector unfastened.

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