ok this covers President H W Bush, President Clinton and PresidentReagan?

I know looking back dosen't help, BUT all the cut backs they did with the Military really made a "Big Shortage" and all for money. It basically gave a bright view of our butts....Now they are asking for help?? explain this to me.....

Now one arguement is they got rid of the loafers...but I know they also got rid of a lot of good people who were tagged not to re enlist...they lost all benefits..retirement and very few given a severance...but that was only 20,000 ...One guy with 16 1/2 yrs excellent service record SGT in the Army....


umm excuse me, he was about to get his E6 when the cut backs were done! But b4 that they sure did need him in Panama!

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  • Rick R
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    1 decade ago
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    You are absolutly right my friend. I served in Desert Storm. After it was over, the cutbacks started to happen. At the same time, "dont ask, dont tell" came into being. This got a lot of people put out. My battalion first seargent had 19 1/2 years. They wouldnt let him extend 6 months to get full retirement. Both my gunner and squad leader were marine corps snipers. Highly trained, much money was spent on training them. Neither one was allowed to re-enlist. It is a sad thing now that they are talking about a draft, after making cutbacks. But heh, its all about the money to the american people.

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    Alot of guys left because of all the bullsh*t. When they came into the military, there were no "sexual harrasment awarness" classes. It was a man's Army and they behaved as such. Then in the late 70s/80s it became more crappy. Broads...er, excuse me, women...came into the Army and started to demand special treatment. And the top brass acted like a bunch of sissies. They put that poor gal Lt. Kara Hultgreen in as an F-14 pilot, KNOWING full well that she didn't meet the criteria. And what happened? She crashed the plane and got killed. All because of some bullsh*t Feminazi agenda. Clinton only made things worse with his "don't ask, dont tell" bullsh*t. Those Marines that got charged and imprisoned recently should have gotten medals. They killed the enemy, and shouldn't have been punished for it. This stupidity alone has negated tens-of-millions of dollars in recruitment advertisement efforts. It just showed, in a very public way, that the military brass is NOT going to back up the troops, so why should they bother to join/re-enlist?

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    Reagan-era policies were largely pro-military, but what he could get through Congress and what he traded off to get some of his priorities through turned it into a peculiar mix. And there's a long-standing faction in the Pentagon that love the idea of "no defects" promotions and up-or-out thinking, which gets rid of some good people and stifles innovation. G.H.W.Bush tried to cash in on a "peace dividend" when the Cold War ended. He guessed wrong and overdid the cuts, especially in manpower. Clinton was clueless enough about the military that while he dropped morale into the lowest spot I've ever seen, he stayed more or less hands-off with manpower and materiel, roughly keeping Bush's policies in place. Of course, he misused the troops horribly, but what President doesn't? (For the record, that's the nicest thing I've ever said about the man. I voted White for AR governor.) That's all almost beside the point, though. The majority of the military leadership are heavily into maneuver warfare, and counterinsurgency operatives have always been red-headed stepchildren. The NCA take a lot of lead from the 5-sided squirrel cage, which prefers F35's to C17's, M1A2's to infantry riflemen, etc.

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    Your are right I served under Regan in the Navy and saw the saw thing.

    And for the other poster most people who right after 20 are only sargent or E- or E-6. In the military promotion are base on job opening. So ii is common for people to be PNA Pass but not advanced. This is to save money. I watch them throw out people with 15 to 19.5 years service just to kepp from giving them their pension. That is why they depend on reservist so much because they are eleminate career enlist peolpe.

    So they can spend money on old WWII Battleship that were no help at all to the fleet but Regan loved them.

    They cut money for training, benifit and promotes the lie that military still takes care of it people.

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    Makes approximately as lots experience by using fact the rhetoric coming from all angles. i.e. Clintonistas think of Bush is stupid by using fact he's from the south, greater useful yet, Texas on an identical time as Clinton is from ARKANSAS that's a lot greater deprived. Bushwazi's think of Clintonistas are hijacked via socialists aka communists in drag by skill of liberals and the communist manifesto Clintonistas hate no longer having a monopoly on morality, yet declare it in step with their omniscience with reference to international warming, macro-economics, and blah blah blah. Bushwazis think of Clintonistas are tolerate each thing yet their rival religous opposite numbers utilizing their tax money as their charity extremely than by way of their very own ethical efforts. interior the top, those that get shiat completed are those that are concentrated on what's substantial and cope with efforts to make adjustments for whats maximum suitable for usa. then you certainly've democrats who choose for to biatch approximately each thing under the solar and protest and bite rocks at people. in short, i think of Bush likes clinton by using fact he can turn a BJ from one in each of his subordinates right into a handshake to fellow democrats, absolutely everyone who has that suggestions administration over such useful idiots is an enemy i could choose for to maintain close.

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    Better to enlist in the German Army. Many more benefits.

  • Tom Jr
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    Someone with 16 1/2 years who is still only a sergeant wouldn't be classified with an "excellence," they'd get rated a "success" or "needs improvement."

    Source(s): Wasn't trying to say the guy wasn't good. I was just saying that a one block gets promoted. A two or a three doesn't.
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    They started piss testing in the Reagan era and lost a bunch of negroes and chicks, hispanics.

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    I was in the Army during Reagan's 'clean up the military' regime. While I believe Reagan committed treason for his Iran/Contra ordeal, I do give him credit for getting rid of waste in the military.

    I was there... I saw the waste of expenses...

    But with that said, ppl say Clinton hurt the military with cut-backs. This is not true. Clinton kept the strigent waste control but adjusted to a newly 'post cold war' military.

    IE, we weren't lacking military personnel when Bush sent us to war.

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    Chickenhawk X 3 = poor leadership

    Defunding our government is the goal of the Republican Economic policy.

    Clinton had no war to fight--he actually prolonged peace through that word never spoken by GWB--DIPLOMACY

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