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How do I know if he just wants to be friends and nothing more?

I made a mess with a guy and he always still talked to me..I think he knows I am confused because he knows I am in love with another guy but I still text message him alot because he is a reakky nice guy and i want him for a good friend but he doesn't tell me much like when he is returning to his military base..etc..but he will send me a pinch and flirt on my 360 page and told me he could never get angry at me and he will miss me if i go home to America...I don't know maybe I am thinking too much but how do I know if he wants more or not? When he came back to his home I sent him a message I was looking for him and he sent me back a message he wanted to talk to I am confused...before the mess he would wait online for me but now it seems he won't come online anymore because I cut him off and then he let me re add was a mess!

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    1 decade ago
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    If you want to know if that special someone just wants to be friends or take it to the next step, what i would do is just come out and ask him/her.

    Source(s): School Memories!!
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