Should abortion be the man's choice?

I believe that it is up to the father to determine the fate of his child, either the mother has an abortion or not.

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    you r such an IDIOT!! [i don't even know why i spend time to answer that ridiculous question]

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    I believe that everyone has become a control freak over this abortion thing, because none of it is natural. First of all having pregnancies without being married is foolish, who in the world wants to bring a child into this world today anyway? With all the problems that is what you wish on your child? and No a father should not be the only say at all, first of all he should have used protection in the first place and there is no excuse what so ever. Control your hormones.

    No father and mother together sharing in the upbringing and the love shared as a family , how horrible. I think it is very selfish and uncaring for any woman to get pregnant without having a father with her and in love. What child wants a loveless life? Think about that. A bunch of people fighting over the child and even before he/she is even born and then they talk about the baby as an it? This world sickens me, I would not bring one child into this world ever, I would rather adopt them and give them love naturally than to make those horrible mistakes you are speaking of. Abortions are horrifying and sinful. But there is a need in cases of rape and sickness, however to use it as a way of birth control is a pig and a slime.

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    NO. It shouldnt even be the woman's choice. First of all, she has to carry the baby and go through Hell knowing people talk about her and having to tell her parents. However, she shouldnt have a choice either. It is a living baby with a heartbeat, fingers, EVERYTHING. Did you know that it can suck it's thumb and dream in the second trimester? Abortion is the dismembering of a living soul and it has killed 1/4 of the new generation. So many couples would do anything to adopt. If you or anyone else needs help with this topic call an emergency preganancy hotline or learn about the Rite to Life.

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    Nope. Don't want abortions - either don't make her pregnant, or convince her you will be a good dad.

    This is what a pregnancy implies (even if you decided to give the baby for adoption as soon as you give birth):

    - 9 months of huge belly, possibly feeling sick all this time

    - interrupted (or terminated!) career

    - all the social ramifications - all your family and frinds will know and perceive you differently

    Other gender that doesn't have to carry the pregnancy to term doesn't get to deal with ANY of it, so I don't think they get to choose for someone else to go through all of the above. If they are desperate - there are some women out there who are willing to carry their baby for money. This is where they should turn, no need to pressure their GF or ex-wife or whoever that may be.

    Let me pose it to you differently: should a woman get an abortion if the father of unbon child decided so? Not gonna happen, dude. Your decision power is over after one certain moment is over. After that - you can only influence her decision.

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  • cate
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    1 decade ago

    I understand, it takes two to make a baby so you both have feelings and rights BUT...

    if a man and woman were forced to sit down and discuss what they would do IF the woman got pregnant BEFORE having sex I would absolutely agree. Then there would be no problem, equal rights etc

    BUT mostly this question is asked only where an unplanned pregnancy arises and the truth is, the baby is in the woman's body. She must carry it for 9 months and give birth and the rest of her life will be affected.

    What most people dont realise is that once you get pregnant THE REST OF YOUR LIFE will be affected whether she keeps it or has an abortion. The memory never goes away. There will always be moments of 'what if...?'

    It is a shame our brains and out libido are not hard wired to each other.

    I am sorry for all men who find themselves left out of decisions like this and for all women who have to choose or feel they have no choice.

    Peace on Earth, Good Will to all...................thank God Mary said yes!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Even though I'm a flaming liberal, I find abortion morally...not logical. Nonetheless, I believe in separation of church and state and don't believe any law should dictate what you do in private w/ your own lives.

    Having said that, I believe the father has a say, but the mother will do whatever she wants b/c she is biologically carrying the baby. Ladies, I know you will protest, but how would it be if the roles were reversed? What if technology really made it possible for there to be a 50-50 chance of either the male or female to carry the baby? The world isn't fair and unfortunately for men who want children, their rights are few and far between.

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    I do believe that it should be a decision made by the father and the mother. If men are accountable for the well being of a child until it is 18, then they should have a say in whether the child is born or not.

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    It is the woman's choice unless ANYONE that says you must have the baby is willing to take the baby from birth and raise it as their child. You cannot push that responsibility on anyone if she is not willing or cannot accept it. Noone has the right to dictate what someone else must believe as right. And please keep the government out of moral dilemmas. They are not qualified to comment.

    I would hope that every pregnant female would be given good choices and alternative solutions to abortion to help her to decide wisely.

    Abortion is the death of a baby. People will have sex and women will become pregnant with unwanted children. There are so many children stuck in a system that cannot supply homes to them or sometimes puts them in horrible situations. It's a tough one for our society.

  • 1 decade ago

    Let me tell you a story. When i was 18 "I" was very in love with my girlfriend and "I" got her pregnant i didn't know it at the time because she didn't tell me. She aborted the child and didn't tell me. I only found out when she started to have complications. It made me hate her and i never could forgive her. I am 44 now and have 2 boys. I still find myself wondering about the one i never had a chance to know. I know that i am not the only 1 that feels this way. If i had been given the chance i would have raised the child. I had the means to do it all by myself. That chance was taken away from me. So to this day i will never agree to it being just the woman's decision to abort or not. She could not make that child with out a man. He should have just as much say so as the woman. He helped make it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    - in general, i do agree that abortion should not be used as a form of birth control when we both already have so many choices out there in developed countries (not the same for ppl in 3rd world countries).

    - when it comes to rape or incest, NO ONE has the right to force the woman to become a victim the second time round by having a baby she never asked for, under any circumstances.

    - life begins at conception, or a fetus would not grow - period. a 12 week old fetus is already fully functional and can feel pain and emotion - this is a fact. i support men in that - unless under extreme circumstances, like possible death to the mom (medical issues), abortion should be illegal after 3 months, as i don't believe anyone has the right to willfully take someone else's life on a whim, and i think at this stage, even men have a right to step in. yes i think abortion at any point is killing life beginning at birth, but we also live in a world of realities and stupidities that makes abortion practical for current (and future) quality of life for the mom and baby, depending on the circumstances.

    - there is no "yes" or "no" to this issue.

  • Conway
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    1 decade ago

    Fathers then become known as sperm donors when they are given that choice and the womb in their mind would be nothing more than a whole in the ground, It would do the world good to make him unable to donate the sperm and let there be room enough left in the world for the growth and nurturing love for the fathers who do want their sperm to grow .There are too many sperm donors and holes in the ground already.where the child has been neglected. The child of a sperm Donner speaks up and wants to be heard in this decision making process. A parent can run, but they can not hide from the voice of their decisions.

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