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Are dogs dirty?

My mom always told me as I was growing up that dogs are dirty and stinky, that's why she never allowed us to have one. Well, now I'm married and all grown-up. I found out that my brother-in-law bought me a puppy for xmas (a doberman). I love dogs, I want to keep it indoors (don't want it being isolated in the backyard). Thing is, being taught that dogs are dirty, I cringe & shiver thinking my baby would roll around on the same rug the dog lays on... I mean, would you allow your dog to sleep on your bed? I knew someone who lets her dog sleeps on her pillow when she's not using it. (even my husband and mother-n-law see it as dirty...they don't want it indoors) I just think humans and animals can coexist in a house... just follow basic hygiene rules... like washing hands before cooking/eating & make sure the baby doesn't put anything dirty in her mouth. What do you think? are dogs dirty?

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    Do not accept this dog. If everyone in your household and your husband's family feel a dog is so dirty what will be the point. The first time the dog licked the baby someone is going to spaz out and all that will end up happening is you will toss the dog out in the backyard where he will be isolated and ignored and because of this, the dog will develop behavioral issues and become a big problem. When you have a dog even if you are the most meticulous of house cleaners it is possible for the dog to bring in dirt and no matter how I tried my 2 year old niece always manages to grab a dog toy and stick it in her mouth she will even lick my dog back. Can you deal with these types of things?

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    Dogs Are Dirty

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    You're going to find that the dog will be much cleaner than your child.

    After potty and basic obedience training it'll be better mannered than the child as well as the child will without doubt embarrass you in public at some point or other but the dog will not.

    Just remember that having a dog indoors is like having a toddler underfoot until the day it dies.One eye will have to be trained on the dog 24/7 to keep it from mischief or harm.Never leave the child unattended with the dog as dogs have limited resources and are very quick to correct bad behavior.big dogs are not to ride or teeth on and a dogs private area does not make a good pillow for a hand as a child pushes itself upright from the floor.

    Dogs mouths are in fact cleaner than a humans so letting a dog lick your baby is actually more sanitary than Aunt Martha kissing the kid.

    And with all the germs hiding in the rug that you and every visitor that comes to your home deposits there why would you let your child roll around on it anyway.Evan if you have guests remove their shoes they still have germs on their feet your baby will no doubt ingest after a toy falls on the floor.

    Get the dog.Keep it in the house.And to all who give you a hard time over it tell them to keep their own houses and you'll keep yours.

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    Yes, dogs are dirty, I don't care how much you beat around the bush, DOGS are DIRTY. God made the animal have certain traits much different than humans, its that simple. How can you say an animal that touches anything including ****, and licks its private parts (and just about ANYTHING) is NOT dirty? I'm a muslim and were not allowed to keep dogs unless its for hunting, a guide dog etc.. However my gf has dogs and thats how i know first hand that they are dirty. On top of that, my GF is a germophobe and you can imagine how clean she keeps her dogs, but still, they have very dirty habits which can't be ignored and which come natural to the species itself. A dogs mouth is NOT, i repeat, NOT cleaner than a humans mouth, its DIRTIER!! If you don't believe me, do the research yourself. Dogs have more bacteria in their mouths than humans, only thing is that those germs can't be transferred to humans and vice versa. Dog owners will try to convince that dogs are cleaner because of their saliva which is false. They will try to convince you that dogs are better than humans, why? Because dogs have the minds of 3 year olds and will love you unconditionally no matter what you do to them, does that make them "better" or simply less intelligent? I like dogs but I can never keep them around my house, my friend and his wife have two big dogs and they leave a mess everywhere they go, constantly chew on things and jump on people, lick carpets and feces etc.. i couldn't agree more with people who say dogs are in fact a dirty species which comes along with the nature of the animal. But hey, if your not a muslim, and you don't mind dirt and germs in exchange for some k9 companionship then go right ahead and get a dog, they are very interesting animals who interact with humans in the most interesting ways.. which is why ppl get them. I just think if you're not lacking any sort of companionship and your not lonely then why resort to getting a dog? Its an extra responsibility that you may come to not like since you never had a dog.

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    I have 2 Siberian Huskies and they are both cleaner than some people that I know. We got our first husky as a stray and she had been badly abused by a previous owner. She did occasionally sleep on our bed; however, when we adopted our second husky from the pound, letting them both sleep on the bed was not an option, as they have a combined total weight of approximately 140 lbs. I also raised two boys around both dogs and cats, and neither of them ever got sick from the animals. Now, having said all that, I have to agree with the person that said not to accept this dog. There are too many people in your family that think dogs are dirty, and you yourself said that you cringe when you think about your baby rolling around on the same rug the dog lays on. I don't think the dog (or anyone else in your family) is going to be happy for very long, and I see the potential for alot of arguments here (about the dog). Maybe your brother-in-law should consider keeping the dog himself. Best of luck to you and the dog.

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    I think they can be dirty. Like if they go to the park and run through some mud. My puppy is clean. She doesn't stink. She stays mostly in the house though. I let her sleep in the bed with me. She would have it any other way. Please make sure you work out everything before they puppy comes home. You can't leave it outside. And if it is not used to coming inside when you do bring it in it will go crazy usually. Maybe with it being a puppy everyone will get over their issues. The only one you really have to worry about is your husband since you live under the same roof. Your mother-in-law can stick it. You don't have to have the same beliefs as her. And what has worked for her doesn't mean it will work for you. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

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    dogs are naturally dirty. you have to look at stray dogs and compare them with stray cats or even wild mice to know the huge difference.

    dogs simply never clean themselves.


    cats and mice can spend hours each day grooming themselves (i said mice, not rats which as as dirty as dogs).

    i don't know why that is that some animals clean themselves so much (or insects for that matter like ants), and some simply don't

    i have seen stray dogs near construction sites and junk yards where there is a lot of dirt and pollution and you can just see how dirty they get, especially after a light shower when the ground is just slightly wet that all the car oils and pollutants are seeping around and the dust comes off the old junk lying around

    it is so disgusting that it makes me want to puke sometimes

    also stray dogs eat each other's feces in case you want to add what more is not sanitary about them (and wild rats do the same, although not mice)

    and just like rats if not trained leave their own feces in the most visible and middle of the road kind of places, which is the quite opposite of cats and mice

    and don't get me started in how disgusting it can get if the dog is sick and vomits or has watery feces

    source: i live in a commercial area near many stray dogs (local gov't just doesn't have the money to do anything. our neighborhood group have to pay out of our pockets to catch and neuter them or give them rabies shots once in a while)

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    Only if you don't bathe them. I have 2 dogs in my house. A Boston Terrier and a Yorkshire Terrier. I bathe them atleast once a week. And You walk in my house and wouldn't even know I have a dog, much less 2. Well until they bark of course. So yes they are dirty, IF you don't bathe them. I love my dogs. My Yorkie likes to sleep in the bathroom, he thinks he is hiding from the Boston, but the Boston sleep in my bed and I do not have a problem with it.

    Yes, I do have a child. She is 7 years old. I have had Sassy (Boston) for 9 months, she will be a year old next month (Jan.5th). But I have had Dusty (Yorkie) since he was born (June of '99) he is 5 months older than my daughter. He used to be her protecter when she was a baby, everyone knew not to walk in the house and go straight for the baby with out speaking to me or my hubby first.

    Good Luck :-)

  • Your dog will be as dirty as you allow it. Nothing is dirtier than small children but, we train them. Children raised with dogs have better immune systems than those raised without. Train your dog and learn how to perform the necessary hygiene requirements. My children had asthma when I adopted them. Both were on steroids. Neither takes meds now and there hasn't been an attack for three years. There doctor said it is because they are eating better, in a more relaxed environment and their immune systems have strengthened. He believes the animals helped with that.

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    I'm sorry but I have to agree with the Lady who says not to accept this gift. You have so much opposition it has no hope of a happy life with you.

    Dogs are only as big a health risk as their owners make them.If you worm and flea them correctly and practise normal hygiene you will have no problems and as far as children go, a little dirt helps their immune system to kick in.

    Please wait until you have convinced the others involved before you bring a dog into your life.

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