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In Les Miserables, how did Jean Valjean helped Petit Gervais?

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    I think that it was the opposite: Petit Gervais helped Valjean. Jean Valjen, an inmate who was arrested for stealing a loaf of bread and spends nineteen years in the galleys at Toulon, is freed. Asking for a place to live, because of his yellow passport, only Monseigneur Myriel the bishop invites him in. By the influence of the minister's kindness, Valjean commits his last prowling in his life. That crime, is by stealing a coin from Little Gervais, a chimney sweeper. The character of Little Gervais symbolizes and exhibits innocence. As a result, the ex-convict steadily transforms into a better kind of human being, and tries to become a respected man instad of being "less than a dog."

    He starts this reformation by changig his name to M. Madeline, establishes a wealthy facorty in Montreuil and becomes a highly respected mayor.

    So, Petit Gervais helped Jean Valjean to become a better human being.

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    In Les Miserables, how did Jean Valjean helped Petit Gervais?

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    Petit Gervais

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    By stealing Petit-Gervais' forty sous.

    Source(s): Les Miserables, unabridged version
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