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If Islam is a peaceful religion then why does it say if someone cuts my eye with a knife then I can cut his?


Aroosa, what does the Bible have anything to do with this question? I don't care what the Bible says.

Update 2:

Justice is stopping people from hurting more people. "Eye for an eye" is a childish judgment call that belongs in the 21st centruy. I mean, if you kill my son can I kill yours? No cruel and unusual punishment is my idea of peace.

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    or why does it tell me to kill infidels. seems like those being peaceful are infidels.

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    I know that my answer will have no weight on you because you have your own pre-concieved opinions and views which you most probably will not abandon very readily. But if you were in fact asking this question sincerely and really were seeking an answer, then here it is: Islam does say an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and wounds equal for equal, BUT HE WHO CAN FIND IT IN HIMSELF TO FORGIVE IS SO MUCH MORE ESTEEMED IN GOD'S EYES. That is the part a lot of people forget to mention! The thing is, Islam is not an unrealistic religion. Human beings have an instinctive need to defend themselves when insulted. Islam is a way of life. Telling people to turn the other cheek when they have experienced injustice would make almost all of humankind sinners.(because most people will not be satisfied with turning the other cheek- in REALITY) Islam sets the limit. If someone hurts you, you are justified in hurting them back EQUALLY, but not even a hair on their head should be hurt more than what they have hurt you. That way you have exacted justice to yourself. But Islam goes on to sing the praise of the one who can actually find it in himself to turn the other cheek. Islam is realistic enough to know that this task is something many poeple will not feel settled with and it therefore makes the effort to stipulate how to deal with injustices that have been committed towards oneself.

    Source(s): Quran and unbigotted thinking
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    That's from the Code of Hammurabhi, incorporated in theMosaic Law by Moses.

    Aroosa has just had her butt kicked in her last question where she dared us to show which other "Religion" freed slaves; and I gave her a lot of direct Quotations from the Koran, showing her the conditions under which a Master may punish his Slaves and even rape them and asked her how come they could have slaves, in the first place?

    Now, who said that Islam is a peaceful "Religion"?

    Muslims must fight until all their opponents submit to Islam (KORAN, Sura 9:29).

    When the sacred months have passed, kill the idolaters where ever you find them.(KORAN, Sura 9.5)

    A Muslim must not take a Jew or a Christian for a friend (KORAN, Sura 5:51).

    When you encounter the unbelievers, Strike off their heads. Until you have made a wide slaughter among them tie up

    the remaining captives.(KORAN, Sura 47.4)

    Resisting Islam is punished by death, crucifixion or the cutting off of the hands and feet (KORAN, Sura 5:33).

    Remember thy lord has inspired the angels with the message. Give firmness to the believers and instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers. Smite them above their necks and smite the fingertips off them.(KORAN, Sura 8.12)

    Does this sound "Peaceful" to you? Sorry, if I don't think so.

    There are a lot more quotes available. In fact they take up over 10 pages. But, I think these suffice!

    Merry Christmas!!!!


    I notice a lot of Muslims have said that it's only in self defense and even gone to the extent of saying it's better for the families of the dead if it's a Muslim attacker?!?

    Would they be so kind as to clarify:

    Why did Mohammad slaughter 900 of the remaining beni al Qurayza Jewish tribe whose bones still rest in the trench which was their mass grave in Mecca, where all these guys spit upon them? They were just old men, women and kids because their able bodied men had all been killed in earlier skirmishes. And they'd paid the penalty tax that he levied upon them and then he confiscated all their belongings and slaughtered all them, along with his buddies, all through the night and threw their bodies into the mass grave there.

    Could they explain where was the "self defense" in Mohammads wiping out the whole Tribe of the Jewish shepards the beni al-Nadir? The only survivor of that attack was the poor Saffiyah bint Huweyi, a beautiful teenage girl that he took for his wife. Is that just a co-incidence?

    How are the whole passages "out of context", now? Because they don't contain the salutation "In the name of Allah, etc, etc and the lie, And We tell you, Oh Prophet, go ye forth and smite ...." which they claim is the Divine Command?

    They have a tough time replying guys like me, because we know their "Religion" in and out.

    That's when they run for cover under the "out of context" and only a few verses out of so many excuses. And they will not hang around for the remaining ones that we can dish out and show them that more than half of it is "kill the infidel", "decieve the infidel", "smite the infidel from behind the neck".

  • Anonymous
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    Most religions have parts of their religious texts that incite violence against non believers.

    Christians point out the ones in the Koran.

    Muslims, Aroosa being a perfect example with her repeated posting of the same comment "NOT EVEN A QUESTION" over and over again, simply using different biblical quotes, do the same.

    Damn I'm glad I'm an Atheist and don't have to put up with all the crap.

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  • wathen
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    that's how Islam has unfold interior the previous. in the event that they have an benefit , they loot and plunder mutually as screaming verses from the Quran justifying their movements. as quickly because of the fact the chips are down and that they initiate getting whacked, the peace finished Muslims who're silent until then, come out of the timber works claiming ,the non Muslims have twisted the actual Islam and in basic terms an exceedingly microscopic baddies are giving Islam a foul call. they proceed to be silent whilst they are wining with the intention to learn from the loot. they have performed this double recreation concept out historic previous and in basic terms of overdue their approach has been uncovered interior the west with the aid of plenty extra suitable and swifter communications.

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    Islam is a peaceful religion indeed but it made a limits to protect the people from any attack so that claiming a deffence . and that deffence must be able to bring back the lost right or dignity . for so sorry islam extorted by ignored indiveduals all over the world . they are trying to imagen it as ahostiled religion. i advite u to visit web site about islam instructions and you will see by your self how it is mercy faith and how is it far from the bad practical of people

  • Anonymous
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    i dont think u really know how the law in Islam works. U only heard what is in the western media telling u.

    So how should i comment on your answer if u are already bias in th first place. There is no such thing as an eye for an eye in Islam.

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    What do you mean by PEACE???

    Someone chopping your hand, eyes, ears and then you dont retaliate, is that Peace??? Thats 'Foolishness'....

    Islam says, in 'NORMAL' circumstances, dont fight and dont kill. But if fighting is in-evitable then fight and fight as long as it is necessary. As soon as you can revert back to Peace, then stop fighting. This is the Islamic perception.

    Enemies of Islam normally quote a verse which asks Muslims to kill non-muslims. They just knowingly or un-knowingly dont read the context.

    Because it refers to the battlefield. And the afore mentioned verse asks to fight and kill those who had tortured the muslims, looted their property, didnt even spare the women, children or the old. SO ALLAH asks here, kill them IF THEY COME TO FIGHT YOU.


    Even if someone KILLS a person, it is BETTER in the Islamic teachings for the family of the deceased to forgive the Killer.

    Now do the justice yourself

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    Ever heard of "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?"Most religions have that concept. It's part of the Code of Hammurabi and is included in the bible.

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    lol i never heard that before but at the least it's just an eye for an eye right? While I find an eye for an eye justifiable and fair, taking higher ground and forgiveness is better.

    "Forgive him who wrongs you. Join him who cuts you off. Do good to him who does evil to you; and speak the truth, even if it be against yourself." Peace to you! :)

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    Christianity has similar beliefs in the Bible, so Islam is not the only religion with archaic quotes.

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