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Why generally asians are not able to say 'no' towards other asians?

In a particular Asian culture so far I know that it's very hard for you to say 'no' to your family, relatives or friends. They really have a strong tendency to make you agree, accept and stay by their side. If you say 'no' to them, they would automatically take that as a disaster or terrible mistake, and you could truly be judged and alienated afterwards.

Why is like that? Why Asians are not able to say 'no' to other Asians mostly?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am not an Asian but as nurse, I worked often with women from Philippines, Thailand and other Asian countries...

    I was always impressed by their kindness, patience and good-humour personalities..

    I would not know how they were with their family but I tend to think that when you obliged strangers in that way, you will be also like this with your relatives...

    I had also a Cambodian godchild, an orphan, we were helping with his life and studies in his country and we exchanged many letters with him during the period we cared for him and again, we could feel that same gentleness and care for his brothers.

    Unfortunately we couldn't go on helping them at the time.

    Now, with another association, I am helping 4 young Viet-Nameses (?) but I have no contact...

    It is not very important, however...

    All I care is that they are well.

    So, what I mean here is : maybe, what the other person says is right.

    It is a kind of education and it is about gentleness, politesse...

    And it is being teach there more than in the western countries...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Tradition. Research the long, long, LOOOONG history of the Asian culture, and you'll find that women were usually quite subservient and had to partake in arranged marriages and all that nonsensical BS.

    I'm Asian, and I have no problem saying, "No! Do it yourself, lazy a*s" or something along those lines to anyone, including my friends, family, and relatives. *shrugs* Hell, my mom and I b*tch like crazy at each other. We're in Cali, and I bet people in CHINA could freaking hear us yell. lol

    Point is... forget about generalizations. Most of those ideals have died in America. Maybe if you go back to China (though my family's from Taiwan), there may still be some cases where the parents are the absolute authority, and there's no questioning whatsoever. However, HERE, it's a whole different story. Asians just tend to be pressured to bring home better grades from school in the US.

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