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Close friend or family member breaks their character due to a new flame. You know it's wrong. What can you do?

I've known people before who change their personalities drastically for another person; because they're "in love". I've maybe been guilty of it also. We all know someone who does that...and it always turns out horribly wrong. You've also been in a relationship where other people have told you it's wrong...but you don't listen because you're "in love". Now, I know better before I end up in those...your close friends and family always know something's wrong. This time, it's my little sister...she's fallen for a man who's so totally different from how she grew up. He's disrespectful. He's changed how she behaves. He's a personal-trainer who encourages her to take mushrooms daily and has started to tell her when she can and can't talk to her family, etc. Mind control? Anyway, he's menacing before I've even met him. What is there to do in this situation?

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    =you could report his actions to the police but I am sure your sister will resent you for it. If she is a minor you and your family should definitely step in. If she is of age than there is nothing you can do because you and others know she will not listen. Sometimes the school of hard knocks is the best teacher. Best wishes for all.

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    try to see your sister in secreat! and take her phone number & phone her!!she will get bored after a while!!she's intrested now because this seems different & new!!as well she's in love!!!but few monthes she will be hungry to her house & family!!seems to me that you'r connected some how to your sister!!as you knew about mushrooms!!!!try to talk to your sister!!always be in connection with her!!

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