what is the right time zone on earth is?

i don,t understands time zones

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    Where do you live? Let's say Ukraine. When it's the middle of the day in Ukraine, it's nighttime somewhere else! That's because the earth is "round" or "spherical." (check "sphere" in wikipedia.com).

    Pick up a ball, like a soccer ball or some kind of stone, and hold it up to the sun. Do you see how the light brightens one side of the stone, while the other side of the stone is in shadow?

    The side of the stone that is dark is like "night," and the bright side is like "day." We live on a giant stone called "the Earth." We live on the surface of the stone.

    The reason we have day and night is because the stone "rotates" (turns around), so that the part of the stone you live on is sometimes in the sun, and sometimes in shadow ("night").

    Now, on the Earth, we don't have a universal time, unless you consider Greenwich mean time. That's the time zone that Greenwich, England is in. When it's 12 noon there, the people living on that part of the stone see the sun up over their heads. But people in California are still asleep in bed! Why? Because they are 1/3 of the way around the stone, and that part is still in shadow. Since people in California also like to think it's 12 noon when the sun is straight up over their heads, they have to wait 8 hours before they can say it's noon!

    So that's why there are time zones. When it's 12 noon in Greenwich and the sun is up, it's only 4am in California and still dark. 8 hours later (this is called "time"), the sun is high in the sky in California, but now it's setting in Greenwich. It's 8pm there!

    Cool, huh?

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    Where do you live? That will determine the timezone. Every country has a line of longitude, mostly as a factor of 15, that will determine the time. Every 15 degrees counts for one hour time difference. As you move East, add one hour. As you move West, subtract one hour.

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    the lines of longitude correspond to an hour's time difference. one line over means one hour later or earlier. for states it is usually given for the greater half of the state.

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    I dont understand you're English. Try again with a real sentence.

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    It always happyhour (5:00p.m.) somewhere [on earth].

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