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What are some good obscure 80's comedy movies?

What are some good obscure 80's comedy movies that doesn't get the recognition that it deserves that you would recommend me watching sometime?

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    Coming To America.. Eddie Murphy

    Married to the Mob..Michelle Pfieffer

    Nine to Five..Dolly Parton

    Revenge of the Nerds

    Spaceballs...Mel Brooks

    Stripes..Bill Murray

    Caveman...Ringo Starr

    History of the World Pt 1:... Mel Brooks

    To name a few....

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    Losin' It

    Underground Aces

    Stroker Ace

    Major League

    License to Drive

    Going Berserk

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    Off the top of my head, Was a movie with Phoebe Cates in it, Late 80's, Drop Dead Fred. The first couple of Police Academy movies. Porky's,The Bachelor,with Tom Hanks. Yellow Beard,If you like Monty Python movies that is a good one.

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    Men at Work

    The Great Outdoors

    The Couch Trip

    Doctor Detroit


    Fraternity Vacation

    Howard the Duck

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    A few more:

    1. Real Men

    2. The Man with One Red Shoe

    3. House

    4. Vamp

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    omg...CLUE! Best underrated comedy movie of the 80s ever!

    I highly suggest renting it, very funny and cleverly written.

    Please watch it!

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    Odd Jobs

    Just one of the guys


    Strange Brew

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    National Lampoons senior trip (this one is a must.....)


    F.A.R.T. the movie......these should get you started.....

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    the breakfast club

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