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2001 grand am. screeching noises from brakes/steering wheel?

as in the subject line, i have a 2001 grand am, and i experience screeching noises when I use my brakes, and whining screechy noises (like an animal whining or something) when i turn my steering wheel. i'm getting my car checked soon as i'm about to hit the mileage for another oil change, but i was wondering if anyone knew what the problem might be. i THINK the screeching from the brakes might be because of my brake pads. i'd like to add that i am car-stupid, so please excuse any ignorance in this message. :)


oops, forgot to add that the steering wheel screeching problem only starts happening after i've been driving for a little while (like 10-15 minutes). don't know if that makes a difference or not, but whatever.

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    Yes, you are probably correct, the little car may need brakes in the front.

    If they do, don't skimp. Pony up and get the better quality pads.

    1) They will last longer

    2) They will make less noise

    3) Brakes aren't something to go "Budget" on. You and everyone in your car, as well as everyone on the same roads you drive on depend on them.

    As for the noise in the steering wheel, chances are that either the power steering pump is in need of service or added fluid, or perhaps the contact brush under the steering wheel in the column needs lubricating. Ask the folks at the shop to listen for you and then advise you where to go as far as repairs go.

    Good Luck and Merry Christmas

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    You are probably right about the brake pad problem. The screeching when you turn the steering wheel may be a loose power steering belt or tensioner or possibly low power steering fluid. You message is not ignorant, you did quite well reporting your problems. You should get the brakes checked as soon as possible for safety purposes, maybe get that oil change early this time. Good Luck.

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    The sound you hear when you apply pressure to the brake pedal is two things possibly. Your brake pads as you suggested are worn. Also they may be worn to the point of damaging the brake rotors(The metal discs that spin with the wheel that the brake pads press against to stop the car) The sound you hear when turning is possibly something as small as just needing to replace your steering belt(A black belt winding throughout your engine) Possibly you need to replace your power steering pump(Pump that pushes fluid through you system) I hope this has been helpful.

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    all cars with disc brake pads have a small metal wear sensor on the pads to let you know its time to get brakes on the car . that sensor starts to scrape the rotor when the pads are low. thats there to save you lots of money! like the price of new disc brake rotors! the winding in your steering wheel can be a number of problems,like the power steering pump could be going or low on fluid,the rack and pinion steering could be going or leaking fluid, or just a power steering fan belt loose and jumping as you turn

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    Your brake pads have a strip of metal attached to the sides of them (known as a tang). When the pads are worn down to almost nothing it touches the rotor and causes a squeal. This squeal is to let you know that you need new pads.

    Get some new pads put it, and make sure your rotors get machined or replaced too. If you just replace the pads, the old rotors will wear them down much more quickly. (it's often cheaper to just get new rotors as opposed to paying for the labour to machine them)

  • I have a 2000 Grand AM, and I cant count the times I have had to have the brake pads replaced, and the roaters (sp?) too.....I think its a common problem with the model

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    sounds like your CV joints are going undesirable. Get that appeared at as quickly as accessible. If the two of the joints smash, your Grand Caravan heavily isn't likely everywhere for a on an analogous time as and it will value extra to repair because of the fact they're going to in all probability could desire to replace the force axles too.

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