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How can I format c with boot cd?

I have xp-pro and I need to change it to win-server. I have boot cd (windows server 2003 enterprise) made with BartPE. Can you write step by step actions that I have to perform to format only C, not D(I need all data on D and can't copy it anywhere else)?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Follow these steps Carefully:

    Before Formating:

    1. Create a Startup Disk using a Floopy disk

    How to create a startup disk;

    a. Insert a floppy disk in the drive.

    b. Open my computer and right click on the floppy drive.

    c. click on format and then select to create a startup disk.

    d. And Finally press format.

    2. After creating a startup disk push it in the floppy drive and press the restart button.

    3. Then as it runs select without cd rom support incase it asks.

    4. After that type the simple format command:

    format c:/q

    Enter /q so that its quick if u don't want to do it quick just remove the /q.

    5. After it formats then there is no OS.

    6. Then insert the Cd which is bootable and again restart your pc.

    7. If u know the stpes how to install the win server 2003.. then enjoy.

    Its in these Simple 7 Steps.

    Hope it helps u.

    Bye and have a nice...fomating day..

    Source(s): . Own Experience
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