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What is your biggest complaint about the airlines in America?

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    I have more than one. Lost luggage, crappy service, not enough room in the plane (except for Midwest Airlines' Signature Service), no food on long flights.

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    My biggest complaint is that they've all got sucked into the price wars (which is really the consumer's fault for insisting on rock-bottom prices) and as a result, have cut back on everything imaginable just to stay in business. I bet if a legacy-sized airline with an extensive routing network offered "business class only" domestic service, at a price somewhere between economy and first class, it would be hugely successful. I personally don't mind paying a bit more for more space, more leg room, attentive service, and a decent inflight meal but I can't afford to pay a first class fare for every single flight. Fortunately I fly so often that I get put in first class for free almost every time. I hate the cattle-call mentality and it's a shame the airlines have allowed cheap people to force them into providing crappy service, shabby planes and no amenities, all while packed in like sardines.

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    Lack of customer service. All the airlines in America are low budget now. What I hate most is the automated phone system, and when you finally get a person on the phone, the guy is in India and can't help you. It is also very inconvenient that all ticket counters in the cities are gone. The only ticket counters are in the airports.

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    I dont know If they lifted the ban on this ...but when they didnt allow passangers to bring such trivial items like nail clippers on board.

    Because you know, it would be so easy to hijack a plane with nail clippers. give me a break!

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    Everything is a treat now, so you can't take much with you.

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    they are very systematic no complaint

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    they can be late

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