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Only-child females.Did you change your personality to be around peapoles?I waz an only-child,so I kudabeenagrl

Dear only-child human of the oppisite perssawy-shun.I'm just wondering if being a girl/woman/female w/out any siblings has had a different impact on your life(i.e.:compared to the sibling-filled friends)I'm a 42 yr. old only-child Man/Boy in a 16 yr. marrige and still being a selfish only-child.I've got the hang of being in touch w/ my Giaia-side,but I'm having trouble w?letting-GO of my self-sustaioning preservation stasis.Any hints?........HELP wood bee grate well-coomed!!!!!!

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  • Mimi
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    1 decade ago
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    Wow, looks like you need to go back to school.

  • I was an only child and I am female. I can't actually say that I changed my personality around different people but most people act differently in different social circles and around family and friends. Being a teacher I have to consider the ways in which I approach circumstances with parents, children and other staff. I do feel however that being an only child and female made me want to be more idependent and appear older than my years in my mind. Maybe it is the same for you? Just remember that circumstances anbd experiences shape our live along with what choices we make in life.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am not an "only child female" but have had to deal with these. My brother married one and she is incredibly selfish, greedy and self-serving and treats others as objects if she can get away with it. She seems to believe and very firmly that she is queen of the universe. She also mistreats my brother. Why does he stay with her? Because we had an abusive mother (product of an abusive household herself and not an only child). The behavior of this selfish only child is incredibly similar to that of an abusive personality.

    As for me, I rejected all of that vigoursly in my teens and 20s ...won't tolerate and learned how to become a loving parent. My brother "stayed with the status quo" and maried this b e i t c h. He stays with her now for 30 years!....and we don't speak! cause I won't put up with her crap! My life is far happier, I believe than either his or hers. I am sure he has some understanding of that but her pee brain seems impenetrable particularly since she has my brother as a codependent to reinforce her psychopathology.

    I wonder if you understand how miserable your own life is..being so selfish and miserable a greedy person. You'll never know what it is like to lived a fulfilling life until you learn to stop all that crap and just release the simple fact that we are all related and one and you must learn to cooperate with others in your heart and not just through you surface game playing. True integrity will make you happy as well.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well i guess i am too nice of nature but if i were you i would smile more often and if you want somethign get it with your money and try to compromise mroe

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  • 1 decade ago

    *nods and agrees*

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